Replacement Axles

I have a MagicYoyo N9 Floating Cloud (great throw, definitely top of its price range)
One fateful day whilst changing the silicone, I left the axle on the table, and when I returned, it had rolled off the table into the abyss that is my bedroom floor.
I tried buying a replacement axle from the only place that sells them specifically for MagicYoyo and it has been quite the hassle.

Has anyone else managed to get an axle from them?
Or is there anywhere else I can get a replacement axle? (its an M4 15.70mm)

Is it… really that hard to find it on the ground?

I tore up the entire place looking for it, but couldn’t.
I think my mom may have picked it up and threw and it out thinking it was a piece of junk

That’s a very common thread size. Go to a hardware store and get one. If they don’t have a set screw in that size get a normal screw and cut the head off.

What do you mean by set screw?

An “axle” is called a set-screw. Go to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware and get a set-screw with the size you need.

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Is M4 the legit size or is that just what it’s called for yoyos?

That’s a metric size. Yes, it’s legit.