Canvas Axle Problem

so i lost my axle for my canvas in the grass in my backyard, ive looked for an hr an no dice, i know the axle size, im in the U.S. Does anyone know where i can buy a M4x10mm long axle?

Try going to home depot they should be able to help you find the right size and length.

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You could try a YYF 10mm axle. Should be the same. Someone feel free to correct me.

They also sell replacements through CLYW website

I’d say if you go that route, take the yoyo with you!

Also, other hardware stores may work too. I had to find parts for a RecRev Sharp recently and struck out at Lowes. Ace, OSH and TruValue are also places to check out.

Just a thought
Get a strong magnet or a bunch of fridge magnets, tie them to a string and sweep the area you were around. I just did this today. I lost a nut for my sons bike. It picked it up right a way.
I had an old blown stereo speaker, you just unscrew the speaker and bash the magnet out of the back or use a screwdriver to pry it off.

Give it a try
good luck

If you emailed Chris at CLYW about it I’m sure he would either send you a new one or tell you what to get and where to get it.

Just another suggestion:

Use some LockTite (the blue) to secure your axle into one half of the yoyo. I did this for my kid’s Legacy II to hopefully avoid it being lost in the future. She took her yoyo apart after school(I was right there) and the bearing and axle came out.

No problems since then.

I haven’t bothered to see if other yoyo axles have issues like this. I know my favorite DM2 can potentially have this issue. I bet other YYJ’s I have this could happen to.

The magnet idea is good though. The bigger and stronger the magnet(lighter is nice too!) the better. The only problem is when it’s spacers made of non-ferrous metals that aren’t magnetic. Just keep the magnet normally away from your bearings and all should be nice.

Thanks everyone, I’m going to try the magnet thing today, I would’ve emailed Chris except he’s getting married, big congrats to him ;D. Why would ou want to keep magnets away from a bearing?

Steel balls, steel race, steel inner and outer rings…(well unless they are ceramics). All can get magnetized and will cause a lot of drag unless you get a tool to degaus it. I used to have one, but it go broken many years ago. I used it as part of my process of cleaning mult-track tape decks. I have a lot of open reel decks and I can’t clean them as well as I used to these days. I can clean the grime, but can’t demag them.

The hard part is getting the magnets.

I did something similar with a metal detector and a lost bearing once. No luck.