I'm a dumb ....... Help with axle

Ok. I’m a noob and decided my bearing needed to be cleaned on my Ricochet because it started having spells of getting really loud.

Well I thought for some reason that I needed to unscrew the hex bolt before taking the throw apart. Needless to say nothing happened other than making the key hole partially stripped out. Then watched a video and learned that it unscrews first like many other throws.

Anyone know which axle I need to buy? I don’t necessarily need one as far as performance but my OCD knows its messed up so want to replace it.

Thanks and ill enjoy all the comments on my ignorance. I atleast looked for instructions in the box before attempting taking it apart…

Take it to a hardware store and see what fits.

Hit up yyf and let them know

I bet they’d help you out with that knowing their customer service

Keep the axle and try to find the closest one to it.

I hear more and more of people taking their yoyos apart and losing bearings, C-clips, shields and axles.

I find the best way to avoid problems is to work in a more controlled manner that helps you keep your parts located in case something should accidentally fall. This doesn’t always work to good for C-clips though, but it works fine for the rest.

First, if you have a frisbee or a box lid with a lip, or even a tray with a lip all around it, do your dismantling in there. This way, all the parts shouldn’t really have anywhere to go

Another option I use with laptops is a piece of paper and tape. I will mark a spot on the paper that corresponds with the case and then put the screw in that little circle and then tape it in place. Now, the problem with my plan here when adapted to yoyo is you really don’t want tape residue on your bearing, shields and C-clips. It’s best to have a small container to put those parts in.

There’s many reasons why you take your yoyo apart and then not put it back together right away. I always recommend if you do need to walk away, you have some sort of container for your parts to go into so they don’t accidentally get lost.

In this case, what has happened has happened. It’s best to simply take the yoyo into a hardware store and CAFEFULLY try various screws using the tester that the store provides, IF the yoyo can fit on it. Otherwise, you need to try a few longer set screws to find the proper threading. After that, you need to find the proper length.

In this situation I would suggest contacting YYF or YYE for information regarding specs for the axle. After that, you have two choices: Buy the appropriate axle from YYE or YYF(unless YYF will just mail you one, their call!) or go to a hardware store to pick up a spare axle. They usually are sold a couple or more in a little baggie.

Oh. Completely agree with first part of post about small items. I can’t take anything apart in my house while my children are awake. The 1 year old doesnt know any better and get distracted at all times so always have a working station. I am into remote controlled vehicles, trucks, buggies, helicopters, etc so have learned to keep a clean working area away from any distractions.

Get one of these:

put your parts in there. the magnetic ones will not get lost. I use these all the time for many projects around the house. Great value for $5.

Those are great. I love them. I use them. But, I won’t use those with things like bearings.

I’m doing a repair on my truck right now and having one of those is making life a lot easier. When I have to re-configure my speakers for my live sound rig for a line array configuration, this magnetic tray is fantastic.

I just don’t recommend it for yoyo work.

Yeah, us older guys have to deal with constant distractions, such as kids. I also wait until the kids pass out before I attempt to do most of my work.

We just gotta get the new players to just work a little smarter. Annoying things are still gonna happen. we just have to guide them towards better work habits. They need to learn form our mistakes.

What you have is a set screw. just go match it up at a hardware store. It will likely take a bit of time to find the right one, if you get the specs from yoyofactory it will help.