YYJ Axiom Review

So I understand that many of you people out there have wanted a review of the Axiom, well now you have one.

First off, I would like to say that this is going to be my first semi detailed review, so cut me some slack.


The Axiom was one of the first metal yoyos from the company Yoyo Jam, as many of you know. It is also one of my favorite all-time yoyos after having, and playing it for nearly 4 – 5 months. It was actually a surprise to me when I first saw it come out. I did not think that Yoyo Jam would be jumping into the metal business anytime soon, but wow was I wrong.

Feel in the hand/shape:

The feel of this yoyo is not all that bad. It is smooth, wide, and has semi-flat rims. (Just a personal preference) The only difference was that the anno was a little different than most of the annos that I have felt before. It almost seems more slippery, which is very good for grinding purposes. For 1A, this yoyo is not the best feeling yoyo in the hand. There is not a large gap to put the finger into, and some of you think that is a very important aspect of the yoyo, and some of you don’t. However, from a 5A player’s point of view, the shape really makes no difference to me.

How it plays:

The Axiom is a dream on the string. It is smooth, fast, and amazing for grinds. This yoyo seems to be practically floating on the string when there is an addition of a KK bearing. My axiom has never wobbled once due to anything but a few bad throws. In addition to the fact that it is stable, it is also surprisingly fast, even for high speed 5A tricks like tanglers. Now, on to that grinding topic. This is an area that this yoyo certainly does not lack ability in. As I said before, the surface is smoother than most that I have played before, making it incredibly friction free. When I say this I do not mean that it has no friction, just less than most yoyos. It seems to glide on any surface you can think to grind it on. 
Just to touch a little on the 5A aspect of play, it is the perfect weight for freehand tricks. When you attach the proper counter weight, such as the Duncan dice, you feel like you could do any 5A trick that you could think of. This is because you are very right. I have thrown every 5A trick at it that I, or anyone I have met could think of. This yoyo is really just simply put, amazing.

A few warnings:

This yoyo is not all good though. There have been problems with the anno easily chipping, and having problems with string slippage.
When I said that the Anno was different, it was not all for the better. This seems to be the easiest yoyo to ding that I own. (And believe me I have quite a few.) Any slight ding of the yoyo against any other solid surface can lead to more than a few “love marks”. The rims of my Axiom look like they have been stripped of the anno, and polished because it has been dinged so many times. (This may also be due to the fact that I do quite a bit of 5A with it, so don’t worry.)
Now onto the slippage problem. This yoyo has often had many slippage problems when the pads are changed frequently. The quick and easy solution I have found for this, is to take one worn pad out, and replace it with a Yoyo Jam o-ring.


Weight: 65 grams

Width: 41mm

Diameter: 50mm

Gap width: 4.94

Bearing size: large C size

Fixed Gap

Response: Silicone O-Ring

Thanks for reading this. Let me know if you think I should add anything.


Cool! Lots of asked review and there theres a home one!

nice review maddog :wink:

Thanks. ;D

Nice review,I didnt think you would make one before kim-lan.

I wasnt under the impression she was supposed to make one.

I know she wasnt suppose to make one but I just thought she would be the first to review it.

I’ve actually already said that I wasn’t going to do a review.

thanks I think I’ll get it now 8)

Well, just saying, the Axiom wasn’t one of YYJ’s first yoyos, but it was their first all-metal design. I have on coming in the mail, very excited!

DOH! That is what I meant to say, but I guess I messed it up a little.