YoYoJam Axiom-A not-too good player's review

P.S.:As this is my first review,please forgive me for any mistakes,and feel free to give constructive comments.

Taken From YoYoJam Website:

After the most intense testing and design process we have ever had our competition team has finally given it the approval and we are proud to present the final product.

Manufactured from high-grade aluminum the AXIOM has amazing spin times and is extremely smooth. The shape fits just right in the hand and the anodization with laser engraving makes this yo-yo look stunning in person. It is also the first YoYoJam yo-yo to feature our custom manufactured flat silicone o-ring response.

Specifications :
Weight (g):63.90
Width (mm):40.81
Diameter (mm):50.54
Gap Width (mm):4.94
Bearing Size:Size C
Response System:YoYoJam Silicone Pad/Flowable Silicone/Dif Pads

First Impressions:
Wow,its finally here!!!Opened the simple YYJ package and held it in my hands.The shape is comfortable,and fits perfectly in my hands.Since I wasn’t too fond of the YYJ Stock bearing,I took it out and put in a Terrapin X Bearing.Threw it a few times and it achieved long sleepers as expected.Anodization wasn’t done too well,but is ok overall.As i couldn’t do slacks/suicides,I cannot make any remarks about it.

People tell me that when you do a IRG on this throw,the anno comes off.Tried it,but it didn’t come off.This thing can take anything I throw at it as a not too advanced player.The engravings are very nice when spinning,just looks like a gray blurry circle.As i couldn’t do slacks/suicides,I cannot make any remarks about it.

Sleeper:Ranging form 1 min-5min depending on the throw
Grinds:8/10 Has a especially good feel on the palm grinds
Shape:9/10 fits nicely in the hand
Smoothness:8.5/10 This thing is extremely smooth,does not vibe at all
Looks:9.9/10 It looks sweet.the only thing about it is the anno
Whips:8/10 I can only do plastic whips,so yeah.

So the packaging is just as normal as other YYJ’s.As i said above,the engravings look really good while not spinning and while spinning.I got the green one,which has a nice color


I love this Yoyo!!It has earned a place in my heart!You can never go wrong with one of these.They are just awesome that can’t describe it.

I hope you Enjoyed my Review! Tell me what you think!
Happy Throwing! Wink

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nice review!!!

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Nice review, especially for your first one.

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might write a review about the IT next

never heard of it
but i will now!

The IT is my pic