axiom review


ok i thought i would make a review about the axiom yoyo by yoyojam, first off it is my favorite yoyo so far.  it looks really nice with the anodized color and and how it is laser engraved.  I got it after my dark magic and i loved how it was smaller.  Know its harder to play with my DM because its bigger.  The thumb grinds are great, the gap is really wide, so its easier to catch it on the string and it is really smooth. It also spind really long so you can do longer and harder tricks, it feels good in the hand and i would recomend this yoyo to anyone. The flushed silicone works great i have no complaints about it.

check it out at

just showing you the axiom


That was a great review!

But correct grammar and capitalazation would help, I fixed it up for you.  :wink:

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Great! I loved the video…


thanks, sorry for the grammer and stuff my bad


Copy and paste what I wrote:


ahah cool but you do just like me when i have a new yoyo : you fell like it is perfect !

but play with it try more yoyos and come back a month later so you will have more thoughts about your yoyo !

when i first played my spyder i thought it was perfect but now a year later and after a pyro , DM noctu , legacy test i just discovered the little probs of the spyder !
so what i mean is that no yoyo is perfect … and most reviews just makes you feel like if the yo where perfect !

So thank you for your thoughts and really cool video i enjoyed it and your style rocks!
And i hope that you will add any new opinions about this yoyo !
( i’m really close from buying a metal YYJ lol and you make me want one ! lol )


ok sorry guys i forgot to mention THIS IS NOT MY VID sorry to inform you of that