Reveiw the Axiom?

Hey! I’ve seen the review for the axiom but they are not really reviews. May I have a REAL review of that yoyo please? Thank you!

Kim-Lan may do one.

not to be the grammer police but you spelled axiom wrong

Nope. I don’t feel I have enough experience with any other yo-yos within its range, since it is my only metal.

You don’t have to be comparing something! You can just say how it feels and from your experiences as a yoyoer yourself.

I just feel that it’d be very, very biased since it is obviously my best yo-yo.

Im trying to be optimistic here! But, True true. Get another metal yoyo! Like Meteor! lol.

I might do one for you this weekend if I have time.

I reviewed my G5 when my other best was a Stock Legacy?


I have a Axiom, it’s a great yoyo. About the same size as my 888, just a few grams lighter. Very snappy yoyo to throw, spins fast and quick on the string. You can make it as responsive as you want to, or dead unresponsive depending on your choice of lube and how much you use. The machining is dead on, the bearing comes off easily and goes on if you have it lined up. Most of the reason for this is the fact that it is not over anodized, anodizing is not paint. It should not be dipped so long as to mess up the tolerance. The graphics are simple and symmetrical, very nice. You can get snap in hub stacks, if you want, and when the novelty wears off, snap them out. I wore out the original response rings, very nice, and silled it with silicone from Wall Mart,works great. All an all when I mess up a move it’s not the fault of the Axiom.

good review, you might want to think about puting an axiom review on the review sections
just make sure to be a little more detailed if you choose to do one there

Thanks, Gm User, new to the fourm. I don’t want to do a full review, just what I feel about mine.