Axiom Review

I’ve been looking at this yoyo for a while and what to know how well it plays so if anybody has used or owns one i would like to know how well it throws

Here’s a review

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It’s an excellent player, i play with this yoyo alot and in my opinion, better than my 07 888 (yet try an 09). The axiom has a long smooth spin time, the weight is perfect for me (on the normal side), and the yoyo is small and undersized (perfect for intracate and complex movements  ;D. Only one downside :’( the anodization comes off easily when you do thumb grinds (i have read on the forums that the metal that the axiom is made of only can take a small amout of anodization). You should check out the forums for axiom reviews, im sure there’s plenty

Here are the specs:

Manufacturer: YoYoJam 
Shape: Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g): 63.90 
Width (mm): 40.81 
Diameter (mm): 50.54 
Gap Width (mm): 4.94 
[b]Bearing Size:[b] .250 x .500 x.187 in (Large C bearing)
Gap Type: Fixed 
Stock Response System: YoYoJam Silicone Pad

Review Here (Post By catorameus)