YYJ 4A Solid Spin Axle Slipping

I have quite a few YYJ 4a yoyos and I have noticed that at least for me, that a few of them have a problem with the hub that connects to the axle will start to spin. when this happens it’s impossible to take the yoyo apart unless I super glue the hub. Has anyone else have this problem? I play on carpet 100% of the time but I think its from the yoyo spinning on the ground pulling the hub in the opposite direction of the thread on the axle thus stripping the plastic on the yoyo thats holding the hub.

The only YYJ offstring yoyo that I own is the Fiesta XX and i’ve never had this problem. Have you tried contacting YYJ?

My Dark magic 2 did this to me, so i dont think its just an offstring problem. i glued it but yea i would either talk to YYJ or just glue it. with caps on it dosent look bad!

Ya I agree it has happen to my Dark Magic II but glue does solve the problem.

I’ve got quite a few YYJ’s and I just ordered a few more. All have the Solid Spin Axle with the exception of my Unleashed pair, Big Yo and the Aquarius I bought used. I don’t have this problem.

My DM2 goes darn near everywhere I go and is my most frequently used yoyo. I have no issues. I am wondering for those of you who have these problems, approximately when did you buy these yoyos? What is the weather like in your area? I’m trying to see if perhaps there was a bad batch or if weather plays some sort of factor. I don’t know how much polycarbonate responds to changes in temperature. I know there’s a “trick” to putting yoyos in the freezer to try to remove axles and bearings through the use of cold.

Also, I am wondering if when you’re gluing it, if the glue is going to be rigid or not and if it will continue to hold the bond if the materials are changing size due to temperature.

Now, having said what I have said, where I live, temperatures are for the most part moderate. We don’t get snow, we rarely drop below freezing, but it can get very hot in the summer with sometimes over 10 100+ temperature days a year. While I could run into temperature related issues, it’s not as likely.

Never had a problem like that with either the old axle setup or with the new solid spin setup. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that at least with the old setup it was usually a case of over tightening and my guess is that is the cause with the new setup as well. People don’t realize just how little force is required to tighten a yoyo, or over tighten it for that matter. Also the threaded insert can get dislodged a bit by bouncing it on the floor, even on carpet.