Solid Spin Axle repair questions

OK, my son has a Fiesta XX. Well, he has a second now. But, we’ll stick with the white one here, which is the one having an issue.

The Solid Spin axle is, while tight, it keeps slipping a bit and the gap gets smaller. Clearly, it’s not factory tight anymore! It can be pushed back but the problem repeats. I tried Gorilla Glue and it hasn’t helped hold it in place. This may be in part due to the body being made of celcon.

Now, I’m willing to accept an answer of “you’re screwed, give up, quit and call it dead and move on”. However, I do have some 2-part clear epoxy and am wondering if this might be the last chance I have with this yoyo?

I’m also willing to listen to other options, including sending it to a modder and paying some amount of money. Depending on the cost, it may not be worth it as I can order another one from YYE for a reasonable sum. However, white is out of stock, and if I do buy, I’d buy 2 since I want a white one as well.

The boy quite literally wore out this yoyo learning 4A since BAC 2012. It’s otherwise still playable if I can resolve this issue. I have bought him a GoBig and another Fiesta XX. He regularly plays my other 4A stuff too. I just want him to have all his stuff working.

Thanks for an suggestions.

When solid spin axles start slipping, the only fix I’ve found is super glue. You happen to have epoxy which will be even better. Just squeeze it around it and it should ooze into the gap. If that doesn’t work, you’re screwed in this case.

I’ve had success with super glue with solid spin axel systems. I just popped them out completely with a press, put some glue in the cavity, then put the metal bit back into the plastic with a press.

I’d assume two part epoxy would work better than super glue, but it depends on how much the epoxy expands.

The Gorilla Glue is the same as SuperGlue(well, theoretically). I did an AM still using it in one of my amplifiers to secure a 26 pound ferrite transformer core to the metal bracket. I also reinforced and secured it with a custom cage in case it fails. The company that makes the amplifier has since changed the design slightly to have the transformer secured with a bolt instead of that contact weld they did. I’ve actually made numerous product improvement suggestions for them, all of which they’ve done and taken full credit for it!

Back to the YoYo: The Gorilla Glue is doing nothing. It held for a bit and then started slipping again.

I thought I had some epoxy here, but I can’t find it at the moment. If not, I gotta run errands later anyways so I’ll get some while I’m out. At this point, the yoyo in question is a “repair and learning project”, so I don’t mind putting a bit of extra effort in.

OK, new question as I don’t have a “clear” answer. Pardon the pun.

I just got a new SFX, clear with the red rings, and I can see the solid spin axle system under the cap rather easily. But, I think what I’m seeing is:

The Solid Spin Axle is NOT flush with the plastic. It sticks up just a a touch.

How SHOULD the Solid Spin Axle fit into the yoyo? Since I’m gonna epoxy my kid’s Fiesta XX tonight, I need to know before I proceed.

If I don’t get an answer, I may adjust things as I see fit. I was intending to have it stuck out just a touch. That seems normal.

Thank you. I want him able to use it tomorrow at an event. If not, I’ll let him use some others of mine. Not a big deal. I just want him to have options.

My DM2 came with them slightly sticking out. It’s normal.

OK, thanks. That gives me what I need to know. I was figuring it would be something like that. Got my evening scheduled out now!

Are they both loose? If not what does the other half look like? Make it like that if it’s good.

The other side feels nice and tight. I don’t feel like taking the cap out to see it. However, now I think I need to change my mind regarding that. I’ll go remove that cap before I get started just to A/B things. Better to take a bit of extra effort and get this done the best I can.

Project appears resolved.

Last night I applied the expoxy to the solid spin axle seat, then placed the solid spin axle into the seat. I used a wood dowel and a rubber mallet to gently tap it into position. After that, I applied more expoxy over the solid spin axle and the plastic around it so as to “cap” it. I let it dry over-night. It’s not done curing yet. Typical “24 hours for maximum cure” stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary.

In testing, this has held far longer than any other efforts have done. Best I can tell, there’s been no movement and no slippage of the solid spin axle. I did have a problem with epoxy on the bearing seat portion so I scraped that off, and then I had to shave a touch of plastic around the outer edge of the bearing recess.

With testing, there is some vibe, but nothing that renders the yoyo unplayable. Binds are a good as before, whips and pops are fine.

I think this is all taken care of. Thanks for all advice and suggestions. Hopefully I never have to do this again.

Shupah Glueman can fix it…

Push/pull them to normal and put superglue around it.

My friend has a dm2 that does the same and that’s what he says fixes is…

Don’t want to sound negative here, but that epoxy won’t hold, if I recall correctly, the Fiesta XX is made from celcon, which most of you know is highly chemically resistant. When that solid spin comes out, the yoyo is basically done for, on a polycarbonate yoyo, you may be able to glue the solid spin back in, but glue just doesn’t stick to celcon.

I appreciate the input.

Super-glue type stuff did not work, so no need to re-hash that much. Basically, after a 24 hour cure, the problem resurfaced in 5-10 minutes. It was about as effective as my previous efforts of pushing it back into place.

So far, the epoxy is holding, and yes, I am aware the yoyo is made from celcon, and the attributes of the material. For the moment at least, after a few hours of play between myself and my kid and a ton of hard drops, it is so far holding. This is so far the best results I’ve had. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure this is a long term solution. I still intend to replace the yoyo in the future. The problem really hasbeen YYJ re-stocks of certain colors, which is beyond the reseller’s control.

Time will tell. However, so far the results have been favorable. I will keep what you said in mind.