solid spin axle

What are the differences with the normal axle system and the solid spin axle ???

The old YYJ axle system had metal threading sort of embedded in the plastic for the axle to screw onto:

In the solid spin axle system, the axle screws onto a piece of metal on the bearing seat:

I don’t know how the solid spin axles increase the stability of the yo-yo and how they play because I’ve never tried them.

Basically it’s the same concept except that the axle screws directly into the bearing seat itself making it more stable. The axle is still screwed into a threaded metal insert embedded in the plastic body. It’s just that the insert is also the bearing seat. The concept is similar to an SPR.

When you say stable, do you mean as stable as a metal throw ???

Saying they weren’t before is ignorant, but yes.

if they’re more stable now, is great because i’ve had a few YYJ yoyos and some of them weren’t as stable as my DV888 :-X

The stability probably exists because the bearing, yoyo and axle are all vibing in unison so it will decrease the vibe caused by desync. I suppose its to fix the famous YYJ plastic vibe. I dont think it helps with stability at all since yoyojam plastics were already super stable.

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The bearing/bearing seat assembly is more solid which will make that assembly more stable in itself. Thus maybe leading to less of the “YYJ plastic vibe” you note. So it’s probably more of a semantics issue at this point (stability vs vibe vs solid). Though for myself I really never noticed a lot of vibe in my YYJ yoyos.

After all, it is called the solid spin axle. :wink:

Solid reply, jhb.

such as the kickside? :smiley:

I tried a hitman pro, it plays wayyy different then any other yoyojam…so pro…


In my experience, the new yyjs are DEAD smooth.

Basically it eliminates vibe, for all you people who are OCD about smoothness.

i have the dm2 and i can just let go of the yo-yo, let it roll down and swing it into a kwijibo. -and finish with spin to spare.

Dude the axle has nothing to do with spin time. Its the rim weightedness of the DM2

im just sayin’

Just saying…what?

What i said :smiley:
-but joking aside he wouldn’t start this if he hadn’t been looking at the dm2 so im sayin its an awesome yoyo in case you want it. But it feels hollow. i really like solid throws but its so good with spinning forever and not wobbling it compensates for the lightness. But do all yoyojams feel llike that?