Solid axle problem?

So we’ve seen YYJ raising up the bar for their new yoyo’s and the Solid Spin Axle system. So… I’ve heard disturbing reports that people say that when you ding the yoyo, it becomes all wobbly. Anyone experienced that here? My friend said he dinged his Revolution and it’s all wobbly now, while another one complained about his Hitman Pro proto (I think, i forgot about this one) and it still ended up wobbly. Anyone can confirm? :o

well it does wobble when you hit it against something, but this hasnt happened to me.

I think it’s a none issue. If you bang any yoyo around you stand the chance of messing up the bearing seat and inducing wobble (or worse). :wink:

Pretty much. If you smack a yoyo on the concrete, its gonna hurt it lol

common logic.

I mean, it’s like… After you ding it, it wobbles on every throw after that? ???

my friend dm is badly dinged and its and ninja editon i think idk the name of that edition

This is true for every yoyo because if you ding it bad you are taking chunks out of the yoyo and throwing off the balance. Nothing is wrong with SSA, don’t believe the rumors.

Yeah, once it’s damaged that’s how it is. Yoyos don’t heal like you do. :wink:

Well, then don’t damage your yoyo, and it will be fine…

Sounds hard already. >_<

i have 2 revolutions and a phenomizm. This has never been a problem for me. Just cut your string or play on carpet if you can.