Does it set a yoyo off balance to ding it?

So does it set a yoyo off balance if you just hit it on the ground?

when you ding it it sometimes bends the axle, which causes the two halfs to not spin correctly.

Besides that, do you think it will be OK, because the axle isn’t bent. I actually just hit it on hardwood floor.

It will be fine, it shouldn’t be something to worry about.


It depends on the hit. If it is knocking chunks off the yo-yo, then yup, it will.

However, most hits don’t do something this bad. :smiley: As Paolo said:

A big drop can cause the yo-yo to become deformed somewhere (usually the axle or axle-hole). This isn’t always true, and depends on factors like the yo-yo, how it landed, and materials (yo-yo and ground).

In truth, anything you do to a yo-yo can deform it. Leaving behind a fingerprint will leave oil buildup on one side of the yo-yo, and will create an imbalance. But such a small difference…

I find my yo-yos wiggle after I drop them (compared to when they were right out of the box). But after the first few drops, it changes very little every drop thereafter.


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Thanks, so I’m guessing a small ding on a hardwood floor won’t hurt it, lol, I was just worried. A little too much I guess. :-\

LOL Don’t worry about hardwood. My DM dinged hardwood. There’s like a 1/8 deep and quarter inch ding in my floor now :smiley:

Yeah, I ding my Dark Magic all the time, but I’m using my 2010 Severe with like perfect balance.

My dv888 is beat pretty bad, but it still has no vibe. lol

Good balance?

Lol, no worries about balance in general, these yo-yos we use today are surprising resilient and well-made. It takes ALOT to make a noticeable difference.

I should show you my RSL; it’s not beat, it’s maimed…and still remarkably balanced. Just dust your yo-yo off and throw again. :smiley:

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My freinds lil sis just dropped my TFL on the floor. Nothing in the play has changed, same stability, same awesome spin time. No vibe.
Its nothing to worry about.

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Thanks guys a lot for all the help. I’m not worried about dinging my throws anymore. :wink: ;D

Yah you can have a beat to crap yoyo and it still be smooth. I had a M1 that had dings all over the rim and someone tried to satin the rim using a dremel tool. It looked like the thing would vibe so bad but on the first throw it was smooth. Dont worry yoyo’s can take some rough stuff before they vibe.

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Actually, my theory is, it’s not whether the two sides are even or not, but whether the yoyo itself is balanced. As in whether the yoyo remains a perfect circle, not whether the two chunks on either side of the metal are balanced.

So theoretically, even if a yoyo was dinged like heck, as long as it wasn’t enough dinged to make the yoyo’s circle not be roughly even in weight, then it would vibe. If one side was smaller than the other, it wouldn’t vibe, which is why satining would probably save it.

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Hey Batryn, went and tested something to see what really happens because I must admit, I’m just hypothesizing.

I put a GM2 half and an 888 half (2009) together. I’m guessing that the GM2 half is heavier from what occurred. It slowly tilted towards the GM2 side.

Batryn is right about the perfect circle idea for play (but I’m not sure I got the second part, sorry if I go off on the wrong tangent :-). The noticeable difference in play is whether the yo-yo is a perfect circle or not. However, this only causes the wobble vibe. The uneven weighting of the half does tilt the the yo-yo.

Now for the physics part (yay…or lame XD)! The spinning yo-yo has something called gyroscopic stability, a concept derived from the conservation of angular momentum. (Angular momentum, for now, the angle at which something moves. The way to derive it and the more sophisticated definition is more “out there,” I don’t fully understand all the extra parts to go farther yet.) Anyways, it say simply says that if something is spinning in its path, it doesn’t want to move.

The yo-yo exhibiting this quality now has a force that counteracts the unevenly weighted halves. Thus, the actual change in the yo-yo’s plane that we seen is small, and even smaller during play when we are constantly correcting or tilting the yo-yo.

Therefore, there is never much to worry about play wise, only aesthetic wise.

Hope this clears up what is actually happening! Thanks to wiki for parting the branches on the rusty topic in my mind and for teaching me some new stuff. XD

And…triple post. ;D

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Thanks soooooo much!!! I completely understand it now, and you guys took it into a more complicated form, but easy to understand. Thanks again. :wink: :smiley: ;D :slight_smile:

I have some of those beat to crap yoyo’s that are smooth. Most of us consider them loved. :wink:

Your good dude dont worry if you ding your yoyo just try not too.

Yoyos can take alot of pain lol

Btw a ding on a yoyo makes it 1 of a kind :wink: