1 wrath down

I broke my wrath just now :frowning:
It hit the carpet pretty hard. Has a vicious vibe now. So bummed. My number 2 yoyo. Second only to my c22.
This isn’t my first rodeo so I know it can’t be fixed. Don’t let this happen to you.
So that’s 1 snow blind wrath down. Thought you all should know that now there is 1 less dead smooth awesome player

The axle? What else could get damaged from a hit? RIP yoyo.

That’s a bummer Brent. Is this bearing seat messed up from the hit?

Yea I would try a new axle. I would assume the axle got bent. I wouldn’t think a hot to carpet would do damage that bad.

It’s the bearing seat. Still plays but with a clyw like vibe. Just a bummer cause it was soooo smooth.

See if Landon Balk can re-tap it. If that’s all the problem is, spend the $20 or so and get it resolved. He’ll make that baby smooth as glass again!

Heh I’ll take it.

I’m gonna hunt down another. I’ll make this one my carry around

This yoyo sounds like it would last me a whole 10 minutes. lol
I have bent a lot of axles in my day. I mean a lot like 40 or 50 at this point. But only one hub. Also destroyed a few bearings by dropping throws. It is always surprising to see peoples ripped out hubs, or bent to hell ones.
Its kinda’ too bad one of your favorite throws is so weak.

Retapping is only useful if the threads are jacked up. It won’t fix anything bent.

i believe theres one on ebay right now

lol how? Lots of 5A? Long string? Goodness that’s crazy.

Almost nothing but 5A since 2005.