Issues with my SEVERE, please help!

So I purchased a supernova from the shop which came with a free SEVERE. I fell in love with the Severe and it quickly became one of my favorite throws. Sad to say during an intense round of “Ring Around the Rosey” with my child the SEVERE suffered a devastating blow when it came to “All Fall Down” as i sat on the yoyo which was on my yoyo holder. I tried to throw it and it vibed like crazy. Upon further inspection i noticed that the axle was bent. I replaced the axle which got rid of some of the vibe but not all.

The yoyo halves are not damaged, the bearing is fine. So i have concluded that it is the bearing seat that is the source of the problem. My question is can I salvage this throw or will I need to bite the bullet and purchase a new one?

Tim ???

You most likely damaged the hub, where the axle screws into the yoyo. You can try getting it retapped, but its not guaranteed to work.

Yes, you most likely damaged the hub. You could put the axle, or a longer screw, in each half and eyeball it to see if it looks square. If one side or the other looks out of whack, you could try to push it back into place, but more that likely you will end up loosening the hub more.

Looks like u found a new beater.