Need help

My horizon hit carpet hard and now has so much vibe its not bearing then what is is

Could be the fact that you dented on half of the yoyo

You either bent the axle or hosed the bearing seat. Try replacing the axle. It’s a simple set screw. Take it to a hardware store and see what fits.

Lefty link by the way love the name im a huge fan of zelda but anyway there are no visible flat spots on it because of the hit

I’d guess the bearing seat got warped.

Dang, you must’ve hit the carpet pretty hard… What kind of yoyo is it?


Like JHB said its gotta be a bent axle or warped bearing seat.

ive done this before except i bent the axle and screwed my bearing try switching out bearings and get a new axle.

If you go to the store to look for a replacement axle, I would start with an M4 x 0.7 set screw. Once you find those, then you just need to match the length of the screw which is probably 12mm or 20mm. (Not that familiar with the Horizon)

If the axle actually got warped, it will be visible when you roll it on a flat surface… if it’s in fact not bent, try swapping out the axle sides and or try another bearing. If all doesn’t work then it’s definitely warped bearing seat.