busted hub? axle?

i did try searching for this but couldnt find exactly what it is… been yoyoing a few months, just got a yyf 44 special less than a week ago. hit the cement ground once and not even hard and my yoyo has the hardest time screwing together. The axle seems straight, but the bearing doesnt seem to sit flush on the yoyo. after slightly forcing it to screw together once, the next time i unscrewed it there appeared to be thin strands of metal coming out of where the axle threads into the yoyo!!! 100 dollars of junk, my yomega dash smashed the same ground a 100 times over and still plays mint. gee willickers what do i do!

Sounds like it’s time to send it to a modder to ream it for a new axle of slightly larger size. Or if you have the machinery do it yourself.