New supernova/severe

I picked up that supernova severe pack and had a couple questions… I was out of town for the weekend so I wasn’t able to mess with the supernova but had taken the severe with me. As i unscrewed the supernova and I noticed it sorta make like a nail running cross a chalkboard sound, upon inspection I noticed that the axle seemed to have some damage on it. I noted some parts where there were little chunks missing out of it. Luckily I had also ordered some extra axles for replacing bst axles when they arrived just for good measure. The other axle seemed to go in easily, but should I be worried about damage to the Yoyo itself from the original and is there a way to check… I have a hard time looking down in the whole other than shining a high lumen light down there but that only gets me so far. Also the severe I got with the pack doesn’t seem to want to unscrew at all. I can unscrew it just a little bit but then it seems to tighten down. In fact once partially unscrewed it grips down on the bearing so much it won’t unscrew at all, and attempting to put any more pressure on it makes it seem like something is going to crack… Is this normal? Should I just apply pressure past that point/how can I fix this? Again as notation the supernova was received new from yye, not stripped as it was in that condition when I opened it the first time, or at least not by me, and the severe was also in new condition from yye.

If there was significant damage to the axle and yoyo it’s self contact yoyo expert and they will happily replace it, also that loud sound when unscrewing is not uncommon

For the severe mine as well was very hard to unscrew using force is ok, but I recomend u don’t unscrew it because it may become vibes and hard to tune (that’s what happens with mine)

You have a severe too? The bearing seat is much much longer on one side of the Yoyo in mine, spoke to customer support and they said just to go ahead and try to force it. With he aid of two of those rubber things you use to unscrew lids, it came undone. But still when trying to tighten it back down it did the same thing coming off, it went loose tight loose again while screwing it back on. In fact it feels like it crushed the bearing even. Are the bearing seat supposed to be different lengths in the throw? As in when screwed together without a bearing in, I can see the bearing seating area of side a… But can’t see side b at all. (Yye already arranged an exchange for the severe but I think the supernova will be alright I just replace the axle and I’m going to order a couple new ones)

how does it play