YYF's 2017 predictions of 2018 in review

(Nathan) #1

On YYF’s blog on their site, they had a review of their 2017 that they posted a year and 5 days ago.
They made some predictions of 2018 in this review and I thought I’d take a look at some of them. Feel free to take a look at the others here (the fidget spinner bits are the best :slight_smile: )

There were 3 main projects still not finished. A Evans plastic dragon, that we had been chasing for 4 months now through 3 rounds of prototypes, a project we still aren’t talking about and NATES new yoyo.

I assume that the “NATES” yoyo is the ND since the ND Ultra was already out, right? The unspoken project I’m guessing is the Edge Beyond, and the Evans plastic dragon makes me think of the Monster Edge or maybe this:

Something new in plastic.

720 rollout / loop program/ 2020

Alex Hattori has something pretty special to share

A Horizon Team member is getting a signature yoyo (not edition).

Plus a bunch of just as exciting things we aren’t ready to share just yet :slight_smile:

I think the plastic is the Arrow. Next up, the Boost. Then the Marco. The last three Edges are maybe the last hint? Idk


Who to watch in 2018: Gentry Stein

This should have been Evan Nagao :sob: (just so beautiful…)

Does anyone disagree with me about my “translations”? Thoughts, comments…Idk :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah probably. I hope they do some more Shutter stuff in 2019. I am ready for a tweaked bimetal wide angle shutter, though I remember reading that Gentry didn’t like bimetals?


probably a 7068 or 7075 shutter or a hybrid signature

(Tyler) #4

I haven’t read that anywhere, but considering he is Gentry Stein and doesn’t have a signature bimetal I think speaks for itself in regards to his preferences. Still hoping for something cool with the Shutter or even a new signature yoyo entirely


I recall hearing somewhere as well that Gentry doesn’t like bimetals.

I’m ready for the Shutter to die though, can we get a new groundbreaking budget metal now :joy:

But then again nothing truly groundbreaking has really happened in yoyo design in a while


That is until we release the ultimate throw, one I’ve been working on in secret for the last year, the perfect collab


game: changed


when the brick plays really well and doesnt play like a brick


Bitaniums under $200 or $250 is what I’m waiting for honestly

We’ve been progressing from plastic > hybrid > 6061 > 7075 > bimetal. Naturally bitanium is the next step but I’m not sure if it’s possible for them to become much more common than they are now given the cost and risk to make them. At the least seeing more sub $200 monometal titanium’s would be cool


Okay, I’m getting behind on my yoyo knowledge here. Bimetal titaniums. Why? Like different grades of titanium or why make it in two pieces?


For instance:

(Jacob Waugh) #11

God job, I think it is quire accurate.


Unlikely IMO given the incredible cost bump of moving to titanium in general, it’s 10x Alu … bimetal-ing titanium isn’t going to help in that regard at all. Maybe titanium rings but I’m real mixed on the value of Alu + Ti rings.


Time to do the 2018 one!!


(Nathan) #14

Well YYF’s forecast for 2019 hasn’t come to pass yet, so I think I’ll wait for that to do another…:wink:


In 2019 we will see where Gentry takes yoyoing next, what Evan will do from the top of the world, how far Shu can put himself on another level, where the limits are for Polo and how great is Nate?

Bet Gentry gonna go to brazil or something, Evan might go to North Pole?! Shu is more acrobat tricks, Polo does 5.0 hook and Nate will be gr8

So what’s coming up?
MVP 3 is it retro or still futuristic?
Loop 2020 will finally arrive.
We want to give every beginner a better start.
There will be a new Pivot. It won’t be a Monster :stuck_out_tongue:

MVP3 is out, the beginner yoyos could be this

Look for some retro love coming for DNA, signature drops for Betty, Michael Malik a new Vashek yoyo and the Nate yo-yo (game changer?). Evan has been teasing his POLY Edge so expect to see it real soon.

DNAAA, Betty Alta, Czech point 2, bi-metal ND??? random guesses

Who to watch in 2019: Nate, Hunter, Polo :eyes:

nate for worlds, hunter for finals in nyc, polo with 5.0 hook


(Jacob Waugh) #16

The bind I think is the new N8 yoyo, look at their instagram. I think it has Hidden Brass rims?
I think it could be Hunter’s new signature also, he was using a ND at IL states and now this is coming out, YYF said to watch Hunter this year, so maybe he will get a signature colorway of the Bind?

(Nathan) #17

Cool! Maybe multiple sig. color-wats?


but what is the price? guessing 75$


Nah, it was 100 at PNWR,