What yoyo will be an "icon" in the next decade?


I recently watched Gentry Stein’s youtube where he showed the evolution of the Shutter’s colorways and sort of the history of the Shutter from 2013. This got me thinking, what yo-yos from the past year will be “icons” in the year 2026? Any thoughts?

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I have a feeling the new MVP by YYF will be a hit. I don’t if it’s ‘icon’ material, though.


Controversial opinion: none of them. There are too many yo-yos being released and they are all kinda great, so… when everyone is super, nobody is super kind of thing?


Nates new sig for sure

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Unexpected Syndrome.


Agreed. Gems are a thing of the past. Freehand, Hitman, Dark Magic, Sleipnir, Draupnir.

I really don’t see any yoyos released in the last 5 years that will have the legacy of any of the big names before that.


I would say the New Code-Walker will be the next Iconic yoyo.

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I really hope that what @codinghorror is doing is not simply a remake of the TiWalker.


‘back in my day, the edge beyond was the best.’

‘but dad, thats only a bimetal. it doesn’t even have a 26 ball bearing or stone rims’

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“But dad, it doesn’t even have a maglev bearing and carbon nanofibre body with depleted uranium rims.”


LMAO!!! “Depleted Uranium Rims” got me bustin a gut XD


Why? What would be wrong with remaking the most iconic throw of the past decade?
I am not saying he should; or should not. What I am wondering is why you would say what you did?

  1. Remake Ti-Walker = Good
  2. Make a Ti-Walker SS; or something like that = better

Which option is actually bad?


Thanks for everyone’s thoughts, it’s definitely hard to predict what could happen in the next 10 yrs or so in yoyo design, if there will be any changes. But I think what YYF is doing with the MVP will definitely be a gamechanger.


There was a similar thread like this 5+ years ago asking what yoyos people thought would stand the test of time 5-10 years from then.

I can’t recall exactly what was listed but I do remember when I looked back at the thread not too long ago, basically none of the newish yoyos at the time people mentioned are really iconic or relevant anymore. Maybe they’re considered classics at best.

To be an iconic yoyo or a gem that transcends time, the yoyo has to bring something gamechanging to table or be overwhelmingly popular and I think all of that has already been accomplished. At least in the sub-$150 range. I don’t think there is another big push in yoyo design to be made without significantly raising the yoyo costs. As for popularity there’s just too much competition now. Unless someone(and it’d likely have to be a giant like YYF or Duncan that can pump out huge quantities) releases a Sleipnir-tier throw for like $30-$40 I don’t really see any yoyo being as popular as the Shutter or DM2 were

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Because something new would be much more intetesting.

Also, I was referring to a straight up remake with no changes.


Pretty sure he knew what you meant.

I see where you’re coming from but I don’t really see anything wrong with a straight up remake of the ti walker tbh. It’s so rare, rarely anyone’s owned or even tried one.

I’d agree with you if it was an easily accessible yoyo like the Draupnir. Making a copy would be redundant, and something different would be more interesting. But there’s not enough ti walkers in the world.

If only a run of 5 legendary yoyos were made, I wouldn’t bash someone for wanting to make more of them so more people get to experience it.

But like Geezer said I wouldn’t mind a straight copy or a modified model like the d runner


Link the topic!

Well, exactly. That’s the point. Especially relevant since all legends are now dead – every new yo-yo is “excellent by default.”

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So I gather that’s exactly what you are doing then, @codinghorror? Making more TiWalkers?


Who knows! It’s a mystery. I could be doing anything.

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Well I hope it’s something unexpected.