Standing the test of time


What yoyos do you think have stood the test of time and what “newer” popular throws will still be heavily used and recommended in years to come? :slight_smile:


I don’t get your question really, but if it means what I think it does, DV888 and Raptor.


Well, you still see the DMII recommended all the time, and I see it staying that way for a good long while.


Di base they been out for ever and are amazing throws still top contenders with the better more expensive throws


The speeder comes to mind. It’s a very old YoYo but it can still can be considered quite good by today’s standards.


The No Jive 3 in 1 will stand the test of time for wood responsive play. The newer TMBR stuff seems that it will as well.

(kclejeune) #7

Probably any of the CLYW’s… Especially the summit. Probably the One Drop cascade too… And I can see the surge sticking around because of the price.


Freehand zero has stood the test of time and I suspect of the newer yoyos, the CLYW Chief should as well.


Of the plastics… The Protostar!

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I believe the Chief and Sleipner shall serve as high end standards for time to come.


A better question is what kind of victory they’re going for. Science is great and all, but Culture is fancier and gets done faster.

please please please someone get it


Northstar stood the test of time for a while. Now it’s been renamed.

The 888 has stood the test of time.


I think the Chief and DMII are standing the test of time. I think that the Supernova may be one that also stands the test of time, only time will tell.


888, FHZ, Dark Magic, and the classic Duncan Imperial.


I still believe the SkyWalker has stood the test of time. I realize the implications of saying that, but the YoYo itself is still a phenomonal design…IMO

I believe the Anglam will stand the test of time as well. It’s such a well designed YoYo that I can not see it ever being out of date…IMO

I could also say the same of the CLYW Chief & Avalanche.



The anglam is probably going to be an average priced high end throw in a couple years xD


How about the Koosh/Playmaxx/Duncan Proyo? Must be good. :slight_smile:


wait… what is the new northstar?


isn’t the summit kinda new? I’d say dm2…