YYF x YYE Mystery Packs are Back!

Not really, but there are 6 left in stock, if anyone is interested. They had some left over from the bunch they had to sell in Prague. The mystery is over, but I haven’t seen the grand prize winner of $700 worth of yo-yos surface. Just giving a heads up on the mystery pack restock. Good luck!

Looks like you have a good here, thanks for the heads up, TotalArtist.

You’re welcome.  The stock went down to 5, and then back up to 7, so there’s still a chance.  The Cypher alone is worth more than $45, then you get the pocket throw, stickers, tote bag, yo-yo holder, promo cards and at least 10% off at YYE too.  So, you can’t lose on that deal.  :wink:

Oh, and it might help if I put a handy dandy link:

I think part of the stock down and back up may have been an order I placed and then had to cancel due to a major tech malfunction before making another order. Not a shabby deal at all.


^ That makes sense. I see the stock is down to zero now. I hope that international shipping was reasonable to Australia. But, all things considered, I’m sure it’s still a great deal either way. I’m curious what you’ll think of the goods when they arrive. I think you’ll enjoy it.

That was my doing :smiley:
Last night decided if there was one still up I’d snag it, and huzzah! Only 1 left!

How do I use the code at what part of the purchase do I put in the code plz reply

You use the code when you’re putting in your shipping and payment info.

I usually go with FedEx for bigger orders (costs around $30) but with such a small order it hardly made sense to pay almost as much in shipping so I opted for plain old USPS service for about $11.


^ It sounds like the cost of shipping isn’t so bad, but the wait would kill me. The two days it takes me to get stuff from YYE kills me, so I can’t even imagine. :wink:

2 days? You’re so lucky, I hate customs, the USA should just become Canada.

5 bucks someone unknowingly threw out the winning code…

Yeah, why couldn’t they just write it out in normal letters?

I just tried my code, it doesn’t work.

I just tried my code and it didn’t work either.

I had the same issue and found that the zeros in my code were o’s.

Sorry you’re having trouble with your code! Keep in mind the codes are case sensitive, that is where most people have issues entering them properly. And if there are any zeros or Os try swapping them - sometimes it is not clear whether the character is a zero or an O.

If that doesn’t work you can always send us an email or give us a call and we can definitely help you out!


It was the zeros and Os.