Yyf whip

I finally got my whip today and it’s pretty sexy with it’s hourglass shape and all(if you turn it sideways…). I got a red one cuz it was that or a green so cuz they were the only ones left(I would’ve prefers black…). Well I’ve been playing with it since I put the string on it. It’s my first yoyo and it’s really fun to use and it feels great. It’s definitely worth what it costs. Like I said I’m kinda new to yoyo-ing so I’ve never tried to bind a yoyo. But this unresponsive yoyo has made me learn how to bind. So far I can only do a couple of tricks but I’m a fast learner. Overall it’s a really nice yoyo it’s pretty addictive if you ask me cuz once you start it’s hard to stop(I almost lost circulation on my middle finger cuz I was playing it non-stop). My cousins got jealous and all my uncles and my dad started showing me the tricks they used to do back in the day. I really like it and I recommend it for sure.

The whip does play great, but on mine the response pads fell out after two weeks. So you might want to buy some extras.

The Whip doesn’t have an hourglass shape, just saying.

It was a nice review, considering the fact that you are new. No offense.

Aren’t hourglass and butterfly practically the same thing though?


Look at the PSG. That is an hourglass shape.

The Whip has what I call a D shape. Rounded inside and a bit of rim on the outside. Of course, my letter/naming conventions mean nothing. But, the shape of one half looks like a D, hence the reason I call it a D shape.

D shape. that will catch on! awesome studio 42! and the whip has a subtle h-wing shape too

The Cascade is more like something i would define as a hourglass…