YYF Whip with 10 ball?


So I’m getting a Whip in a few days and I was wondering if it works well with a 10 ball bearing. Has anyone tried this?


Well yeah, it should work well.


Also, are 10 balls silent even after you clean the bearing? I hate loud bearings.


It does, but it is not necessary. Just use the bearing that comes in the whip, Specialty bearings only really help pros and more advanced players.


The real reason why I was using the 10 ball was to make it not as loud. My friend has a Whip, and it is super loud. Also, my sister is constantly complaining about how she can hear my yoyos from her room


I hear people say that the 10 ball bearings have mood swings. They’ll be silent for a while and get loud after a while. Lube will make the bearing pretty silent at the cost of it being a bit slower till the lube breaks in.


Use any bearing with a little lube. Any bearing will get loud with time.


Cool. I’ll just try that if it ever gets loud.


If sound is an issue, theres not much you can do. Plastic yoyos are loud! Get a metal, i suggest a magic yoyo t5, its only 10 bucks on ebay and plays like $100+ yoyos!


I had two magic yoyos, and they both came with crappy bearings, but it’s probably because they were off of ebay. Is there a trusted site that you can get them from?


You could try a 10-ball in your MYY. :wink:

Quietest throws I have are always metals on the dense side, with a lubed bearing. Perfect example is the C3 Capless with a Gen-Yo AIGR (a 10-ball would be pretty much the same, though). Your sister absolutely won’t hear it from her room. Possibly not even if she’s in the SAME room. :wink:


I bought all the Magic YoYos I own via Ebay and all the bearings are fine. I think based on the price point, the bearing issue is random, and I’ve just been lucky.

Onto the OP:

Sure does. But, if you haven’t ordered yet, get a Champion Edition Ann Connolly Whip with the Centertrac. It’s like they discount the bearing, then pack it into a yoyo so it ships safely.

Just kidding. I like the Whip. It’s fun. I have a regular and a Champions one. A bit light, good for a challenge, but still, massively fun.


That’s exactly what I was going to do. I was going to try it in both, and see which one was better. But I think the MYY will be better.

I already ordered it, and I got a regular one. I would have gotten the Ann Connolly Whip, but it only came in pink. But if I ever want a centertrac, I know where to get one and a free yoyo.


Break it in until it’s unresponsive and THEN lubricate it very lightly. It has a very faint whizzing, enough to know that it’s spinning.


Were the bearings in your MYY’s concave 10 balls?? That’s what I got in mine (ordered from ebay, but from china). Those were my fav bearings… Simply because they were quiet as heck


neither of them were. They were both concave 8 balls. The first one had a bunch of rust in it and didn’t seem to be spinning right. The second one seemed like there was something in it that was slowing it down, and no matter how much I cleaned it and lubed it, there was still something slowing it down. Sometime soon I want to try a Buddha bearing, though. They are concave 10 ball bearings for like $5, and I’ve heard some good things about them.