YYF-Whip vs YYF-One

Hey fellas - Do these yoyos play very similar? Their dimensions and weight are very close so I’d expect them to feel alike.

I have a YYF-One, but am interested in feedback on the Whip. :slight_smile:

I just got my whip in the mail 15-20 minutes ago, and I’m loving it. it grinds really nicely. it feels like if they combined a one and a pgm. the shape of a pgm but the light weight and play of a one. definitely worth the $10 :slight_smile:

Its ten bucks, find out for your self. lol

The Whip is a really good yoyo. I have both and I like my Whip better than my One. The Whip is stable and very good for grinds. Also, it is just $10. :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds ideal for beginning 5a :wink:

My real answer: The whip looks better to me because I dislike the classic shape, and the pgm shape is great for five a.

It actually would be pretty bad for 5A because it’s not very stable. It a really good yoyo though, I like them better than Ones. Get a WHiP.

I use mine for 5a and I think its excellent

it needs a bit more stability to be able to play 5a really well. it’s basically just a capless dienasty though. add a little rim weight and it’ll be a champ at counterweight.

Get both!!! I have both and kindavlike the whip better