YYF whip for 3a


Hey I was looking for some really cheap yoyos to mess around with 3a and I was wondering if the YYF whip would be any good. Obviously I know that it isn’t all that amazing of a yoyo for competitions and stuff, but if anybody has any feedback about how it would do for a beginner at 3a it would be appreciated. Thanks!

({RTD} alecto) #2

alot of people use the protostar to begin 3a with, but the whip would do just as well…

the only problem i can think of is because of its light weight it doesnt have a long spin time.

(major_seventh) #3

Pair of Replay Pros. Hands down. Seriously.

I wouldn’t go for anything else at that price.


Aside from a pair of Replay Pros, you might want to consider the a pair of YYJ Classics or if your budget allows for it, a pair of YYR Diffusions.


The high wall of it will make it work against you learning. The light weight will also work against you.
I would go with something low/no wall if you are looking for good throws for 3A. replay pro does seem like by the looks would be a good choice but there are others out there. The lower the wall the better. You won’t keep the strings in line very well when you start out.


Do not buy a 3a pair of whips!!!

I bought a 3a set of whips with the same thought of trying 3a with them. The whip is way too light and unstable and does not spin long enough for 3a.
It is a good carry around yoyo for 1a, but it tilts off axis too easily.
Try getting something not as organic with a little more weight like a sOMETHING Premiere, yyr diffusion 2, protostar or northstar.

For 3a I use a pair of modded Duncan Freehand zeros with o-rings under the caps to add rim weight.


What about the YYF OneStar, would it be an OK choice?


Don’t buy whips. I own one, They’re fun and light, but have ridiculously low spin time, even for an expert. Also not very stable.

(major_seventh) #9

That’d be alright, but Replay Pros would be the better choice (I’ve thrown both).