Is the whip good for 3A?


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For me, it’s way too light, even for advanced 1A. I would find something heavier, like YYJ Classics.


or a pair of surge’s.



You could do 3a on a pair of whips, but really, it won’t be too much fun. They’re just too light for serious play.

I’ve seen some pretty crazy 3a done on a pair of classics. They can be a good option for beginners, but they are still on the light side. It seems to me (I’m not a 3a player) that the surge would be the best option, due to it’s heavier weight, stability, and smaller gap for easier binds.


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The 2010 Freehand works a lot better in my own wholesome opinion

That or the FHZ


Just re-stage what you want to say in the subject. Good form and all. These are just rules that have been in place for like, oh, 30 years or more.

The topic of discussion:
Is the Whip good for 3A?

Not in my opinion. Too light and not a great shape, but mostly too light.

If you want to do this on the cheap:

Upgraded Classics
Pair of Surge yoyos
Alpha Crash
Paid of PSG’s would rock, especially the Gem ones. Honestly, I think this would be the best cheap way to go.
Not to sound like a broken record

Not to sound like a broken record

Not to sound like a broken record

Not to sound like a broken record


Josh Yee was using PSG’s for his 3A and took I think 3rd place at BAC in 2012. If it’s good enough for him, well, then it’s probably more than good enough for anyone.

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You just named my 3a pair exactly…




Naa, man it’s all light like a feather and no one can do dem fancy 3a tricks with two feathers!

It’s 10.00, can ya forge 16?? Get 2 surges…


Those would work good, as would a pair of Protostars.

I saw Yoshi using Speeder 2s at CalStates and BAC for his 3A.

My thoughts for starters is to do it cheaply but still quality stuff. If this doesn’t work out, most of the stuff is good for 1A, and 3A remains an option unless stuff is BST’d away.


I got a chaser today.

It is far too heavy and the rims kinda painful to catch.

I am seriously recommending Something like the flipside or Onestar, or even any of the cheaper yoyojams like the Lynfury

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I thinks classics are better than surges for 3a. Surges are great for 1a, but just don’t feel right for 3a.