3A yoyos and a site for tutorials.


well i want to try my hand at 3A, and i was wondering if ya’ll know of any good 3A yos that don’t cost much(i.e. $50 or less)? and a site that offers tutorials on 3A until this site gets some. I’m an advanced 1A player and i dabble in 5A if this helps give you an idea on which yo-yos to suggest.


two hitmans are fine. i use thoses

(Cinimod105) #3

According to yoyoexpert.com, two Sigma Blade Zweis are perfect.


ohh, too thin


You can 3a with bigyo 2’s if you really want to. If you really like a yoyo then it will be good for 3a for you.


remember, 3a is really hard. it got me really MAD


Any yoyos would be fine, but plastics are better for starting because when they hit each other you don’t have to worry about dings.

(Jamesofyoyo) #8

My friend Derek uses 2 Black Nights, 2 Dark Magics, and I belive he is tring to get 2 Milks or Tres Leches too. Dont quote me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure I heard in 3a it helps if you use bigger yoyos and shorter string. Paul Yath says he uses His milks and tres leches in 3a beause they are big, and the cream is too small, and is made for 1a. Sorry if I am wrong.

(Cinimod105) #9

For 3A, you need thinner yoyos so that the each yoyo hits the correct string.


Sigma Blade Zwei’s should work fine, and if you looking for a site for instructionals, try www.begin2spin.com!

(JM) #11

Deuce Legacy’s for me, sir.

(yoyolvr<><) #12

i use 2 special edition dark magics. they work great. as for the string length, it is preference. using string that is much shorter than 1a is better. if you go to aaa~the side trick , aaa~the lengthwise trick ,and wake up aaa those tricks should get you started.


thank ya’ll!! and does YYE sell or soon be selling BigYo 2s? Becouse i only see BigYo on the list.

(Mitch Ginder) #14

He said big yo 2s just to show that you can really use any yoyos you want for 3a, really, don’t use big yo 2s


I think he understood that but was just asking a general question.


Maybe i will, maybe i won’t.


this site is cool. http://yo-yo.org/drewtetz/ on Youtube find DuncanToys and there are some 3A tuts there.
I use New Breed Legacy for 3A.


I go for a pair of Speedmakers.

Then try this one. It’s really fun!


what is that trick called? I see it alot in compitition vids and i’ve always wanted to learn it.