Getting started with 3a

Hey everybody, I’ve been wanting to get into 3a yoyoing for awhile, but I don’t know what kind of yoyos I should use. What setups do you 3a players use and what would you recommend for beginners?

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I think any two yoyos that are the same is a good start. Barracudas are a favorite for a cheap metal option or just about any plastic yoyo works (first base, speedaholic xx, IYOYO anything). I prefer something with a larger diameter 56mm and thinner width 42mm so that they are stable but are less likely to hit each other. Also just a preference but heavier is better for 3a. Don’t be afraid to ding or scratch your yoyos they will get pretty damaged so start with something cheap. If you want a pare of the best get some turning point entangles. Nothing I have tried has been better than these. Also just a tip for string length set it to your hips instead of your belly button when you make the knot. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM.


Thank you for the advice!

I agree with yoyojoe.
It’s also okay to do 3A with two different yoyos as welll. I started with a plastic and metal yoyo and I learned many basic tricks pretty quickly with that setup. But it sure is nice to have the same model for both yoyos, but it’s not necessary, you can start your 3A journey right now if you want to.

If you’re looking for a 3A yoyo to buy then it’s beneficial to get one with a narrower gap width. Like yoyojoe said you want to use shorter strings and short strings work better with smaller gap widths. And thicker strings are good too, everything to help you get good response.


I personally play with two Doves, but just about any plastic will be fine. I’ve used two Wedges before and I like them. The Cyber Crash is about the same price as a higher end plastic at 30 dollars and makes a really nice 3A pair from what I hear. Candy Dice also makes mute rings for the Cyber Crash which is kinda nice if you play around other people.

Other than that I’m pretty much agreeing with everything said here so far. Short string (even shorter than for 5A, hips is a good reference point), thicker strings/grippier pads for better response, bigger diameter/smaller width is nice, etc.

Also to add to what Marco said, before you invest in a set of yoyos specifically for 3A, it might be worth trying to learn some of the basic mounts and simple tricks, and then deciding from there if you want to keep going with 3A. That’s what I did before buying a dedicated 3A pair. It’s a really fun style, and despite how much people meme about the difficulty, it wasn’t actually that hard to just get started with. Just don’t get discouraged on the first few days when you’re still trying to get used to using your non dominant hand.


Thanks for your input! After reading these replies I think I might buy another b-grade canon by throwback skill toys. I’m 6,4 so most of the string I have is pretty short to me, so I’m good on that :sweat_smile: On an unrelated note, this forum is so cool and this community is awesome, you guy are so quick to respond to questions and are so supportive and up building. Thanks to everyone who has replied to this post! @mable @anon14765792 @yoyojoe


2 replay pros are also a good choice, since they’re really cheap and give you most of what you want in a 3A yoyo.


Cool, you’re gonna love your B-Grade Canons, I think they are perfect for 3A!

These are mine

I’m your height too but I recommend that you still shorten your strings to ground to hip length. 3A is the slowest playstyle out of all the competitive divisions and by using uncut string your gonna make your 3A even slower and controlling your around the worlds (they are a common element in 3A) is going to be easier with shorter strings.


The one that I have has been amazing to me! Thank you for all of your help

I never tried 3a but want to start and wouldn’t it be good to have a lighter yoyo for your weak hand? Maybe I am sayings dumb things and as I said I don’t have experience in 3 a but I wanted to ask if that’s good or if it a bad idea

A lighter yoyo isn’t going to make it easier for your weak hand

Or a longer spinning one ?

Long spinning yoyos are important for 3a, you really want to take your time learning new tricks. But all unresponsive yoyos spin really long anyway, I wouldn’t think much about it.