3a setup recommendations

What does one look for in a set of 3a’s? Can any 1a Yoyo work but with two of course?

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Yup, just like with 5a, any old set of 1a yoyos will work for 3a. I’ll leave it to the 3a players to specifically mention what they find is good, since my 3a abilities begin and end at the 1.5 kink mount.

Something cheap, heavy, and stable with shorter string.

^basically that.

Not too wide would be ideal too. Replay Pros are prob the cheapest that fit the bill.

Doesn’t matter too much tho. If you have a metal that you like you can just get a 2nd one and that’d probably be fine

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I’ve said this twice tonight - 2 Fool’s Gold Yetis for $10 plus shipping.

Turning point entangles are the gold standard but really anything stable works. Remember to cut your strings shorter maybe around your hip or slightly less.