Need help for 3A!?

Hey guys I’m starting 3A but im using my y factor and my trinity so i need some new yoyos. I need to know what string and 2 good 3A yoyos. Try to keep the price range under 150 but if needed i can go higher.

Your yoyos don’t HAVE to be the same you know, I started 3A with a Speeder and a Lyn Fury. Undersized is usually good in 3A. Honestly, my favorite 3A pair is two Lyn Furies, undersize, plastic, and just really cheap to be honest.

Maybe like a protostar or somethin

Then get a Protostar.

Try it! Ya never know.

I know of a lot of decent 3A players who love Protostars, the Lyns were just my favorite pair. To me the Lyns lended to a faster play style, which isn’t HUGE in 3A, but something I was appreciative of. Alot of 3A tends to be suicides and slacks, and with suicides (In my experience anyway, this is not fact at all) a full size yoyo tends to hold a loop better than undersized. Just try some stuff out.

I use protostars…but I dont really play 3A that well. Ummmm, what about 2 Tres Leches? They’re made for 3A, or Protostars, or StarLites if you can find them, or PHENOMizm’s, I know someone whos really good at 3A that uses those!

Yea Alex at DXL killed it with PHENOMisms against Samad. But I look into this. Thanks guys for your help! :slight_smile:

2 velocities, that way, one can be responsive