I have the urge to start 3A, but I have numerous questions.

1.Should I use one unresponsive and one responsive or both unresponsive?
2.Should I start yoyoing left handed so I can be decent at that?
3. I need a reccomendation. I am looking for a plastic yoyo so when the yoyos hit each other they won’t cause major damage.
My price range is up to $30.
I like any size of yoyo, but preferably medium to small.
I would prefer it to be around 66-67 grams, and for the shape to be an H shape.
I don’t mod and the company doesn’t matter.
I like CBC and K pad responses, but I will consider the others except hybrid.

you should start trying lefty first before you attack 3A

I reccomend using two yoyos that are around the same weight and size…

And as far as responsive/unresponsive I went responsive for my non-dominant hand, and unresponsive in my dominanthand. And I just jumped right into twohanded play. I reccomend throwing your non-dominant hand yoyo first, because I know I have to pull back up and re-throw a couple a times and its easier to adjust the throw with the hand you can throw well with rather than trying to adjust the throw you cant throw straight.

it sounds like the yoyo you want is a grind machine or a counterattack. i suggest the counterattack out of those two.

as for the response i like to steer clear of having one unresponsive and one responsive. for tricks that involve the yoyo being played with both hands and on both sides of the mount it gets confusing. i play a lot of 3a and i play both hands responsive. the best tips i can give are play yoyos that will bind very easily but only when you want them to and shorten your strings.

I use two shinwoo zens for 3a, but two legacies or two lynfuries would work very well also.I would suggest playing with mildly responsive yoyos until you get the hang of 3a.

Another tip I have is to use two different colored strings. Not only does it look cool in kink mounts, it helps tell the two yoyos and their strings apart

I <3 3A, I prefer to Silicone Recessed FHZs, Both unresponsive, But To Lyn Furys or a Pair of Stock FHZs, and keep them Responsive.

You can jump right into two-handed play, or just practice one-handed. My suggestion, though, is that you should have a firm understanding of the basics of yo-yoing with your dominant hand. That way, you don’t have to reteach yourself to yo-yo left-handed.

As for yo-yo’s, I think that you should get a pair of Velocity’s. Just because they’re in your price range and that their response can be adjusted as you get better at 3a.