3a Noob Question

This is probably gonna be the mist noobish post i have ever made but still. I want tio start 3a and im not sure how, i have kinda figured out that you need a yoyo that can be pulled back to your hand and 1 that has to be binded, i got my dark magic for binding, what sort of yoyo do I need for my second yoyo? can it still be something with a large gap and how would i make it responsive without coating the bearong in loob???

Just use something that is responsive… you can tighten up your DM for responsive play, and use something else for unresponsive.

I was either thinking about getting a hectic first or a legacy could i use 1 of them

I recommend a Legacy or maybe another Dark Magic. If you’re starting out, you can make your Dark Magic responsive with thick lube. As you advance, you’ll want longer sleep times. So, eventually youy’ll need to learn to bind with your left hand.

Here’s a tip: If you shorten your strings, it’s easier to control the yo-yo’s. :wink:

I recommend you get a Dark Magic, make the gap the very narrow, and double loop the strings round the bearing. It would be responsive enough.
1)A legacy is too unresponsive because of its recessed silicone response and wide gap.
2)He does not want to put any lube on his bearing.

This should help you get started, even though you didn’t ask for one.

Personally I use a Dark Magic and a Legacy.  Legacy in my normal throw-hand, and Dark Magic in my normal non-throw-hand.

I think that your best bet is to try to bind with your left hand. I use two Spinfaktor HG’s, both of which are generally unresponsive. It’s much easier to just bind because at low RPMs the tug responsive ones won’t come back.

One thing I should point out.

When learning 3A, it is not a good idea to use 2 different yoyos.

The weight difference, and other things different about the yoyos can cause some bad habits.

I would recommend another DM and keep it stock and fully tightened for the response.

DM’s are actually a good choice for 3A.

I know Drew Tetz used to use em for 3A before he got sponsored by Duncan.

Good luck!


when my throw hand was broken i used my right hand to throw and learned how to do trapeze and binds, just do it with your off hand a little bit every day its not as hard as one would think

Thing is though I don’t want to buy another DM because they are quite expensive and I also wanted to buy a legacy for doing 5a with, cos my knuckles hurt sometimes from playing 5a with my DM. I had no specific reason to get a hectic I only wanted the special edition black and red because it looks cool.

Well, although they are a bit different you can use a legacy on your dominant hand and have the DM set up to responsive on the other.

I would highly discourage using different yoyos but since those 2 are the closest to the same, I guess that will work.


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Thanks J. You have been a big help, so has everyone actually, but one last thing, noobish again, how do I set my Dm to responsive?

You can get it responsive enough by just making the gap smaller. (Tightening it all the way) If you have some thick lube, that can work too.

The last time I tightened something alll the way it broke, only a power yo phantom, the axel snapped adn also i didn’t want to lube it up

Once it gets really hard to tighten, stop.

Haha, choice words of yoyo wisdom