Beginning 3A

this is a style i’d really like to get into. Although, i dont really know where to start. i mean id like to get my hands on a pair of cheap yoyos that dont really suck for 3A any recommendations? anyone?

metal drifter

Protostar. Get it. It’s all great for 1A. It doesn’t tilt much, and can be spinning forever. Like it just goes and says “Bring it” and every time I finish a trick on it, it comes back with a strong SMACK.

But the thing though, 3A you want 1 responsive and 1 unresponsive. Protostar is very unresponsive but you can swap the bearing with a flat bearing and heavily lube it. Or you can just heavily lube the CT bearing which is originally in the Protostar.

or you can learn to bind on both hands, I don’t do 3A but I can do a few tricks left handed, incl. binding. it’s really not much harder than with the right hand

I am not sure why you would want one responsive and one unresponsive. I find that two unresponsives work fine.

Anyway, for beginning 3A. When I started, I just practiced 1A with my left hand. Start by doing that. Just try to get more comfortable yoyoing with your non dominant hand. That will make learning tricks 3a tricks a breeze!

Even though most pros use a mix of responsive and unresponsive I also prefer two dead unresponsive yoyos. Just get really good at a one hand bind and you can bind the other easily.

I use two No. 9s I got a sweet deal on. I would recommend something with small bearings if possible though as they are easier to bind. The small bearing genesis would be good but for learning plastics might be the way to go. Just make sure you use konkave or center track bearing. I’ve seen a lot of glow die nasties being used but I prefer a shape like the No 9s or superstars.

Also, I don’t find that using two of the same yoyo is always the way to go. If you don’t want to get buy an extra yoyo to make a pair, it works just fine for me to use two different yoyos.

Use FHZs. Cheap, slim, customizable. Wide yoyos like the protostars are really only useful when your an advanced player due to it’s high unresponsiveness and width.

wide yoyos make your 3a sloppy overtime

Aaaah yes, you can get a different yoyo on each hand. What seems comfortable to your hand will be O.K.