3a yoyo

i am into 3a now, i need a yoyo for my non throw hand i need a RESPONSIVE one. I am thinking for a lyn fury or kickside, please give suggs for wut yoyo i need ;D

Hi, I am Eric from Hong Kong. Are there any people come from China or Hong Kong?

i am from Hong Kong, and my school is V.S.A ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
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what about 2 freehand zeros?

is freehand zero a unresponsive yoyo? I have a siliconed hitman for my right hand but looking for a responsive left hand yoyo
edit: i dont want it more than 20 bucks

Maybe a Kickside?

Get a Die-nasty.http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/89/YYF-DIE-NASTY

If you’re using a Hitman for your right hand, why don’t you pick up a Lyn Fury and make it responsive? Some red silicone o-rings and some thick lube will help make it tug-responsive.

The Die Nasty is, as they said in the description, “completely unresponsive”.

i three a and its easyer to do it with the same yoyo, i use 2 californias both are unresponsive after u learn to bind with ur bad hand u can do lots of more stuff

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I suggest just learning a bind or two with your non-dominant hand. Much easier that way.

use a pair of sigma blade zewis they are in stock at yoyonation. thick lube one it will be responseve

Two Kicksides = One dual silicone Kickside + One dual starburst kickside

Thick lube the starburst one and go at it.

I do 3A and I honestly say that you should learn how to bind with your left hand.
I used to use a Dark Magic and a Metal Zero with the zero responsive.
after a couple days of getting used to throwing with my left hand I switched to a Dark Magic on my left hand and a Legacy on my right.
I now use a New Breed and a Legacy.
I suggest using a Freehand Zero for your left hand, or use a Journey on your left hand one.
check out this website for other info.
hope this helps.

preaty mch all people that do 3a know how to bind with both hands its not that hard it only takes 10 minutes to a day

being able to bind with your left hand really helps, if its responsive they generally dont spin as long and when you are starting out you really need long spins.

i started out by using FHZs for 3a and now i use g5s. i have also heard superstars are really good for 3a.

good thinking… i think i will do that but does a kickside have long spins?

With a good throw, yes.