Beginner 3a yoyos

I am interested in starting 3a. I tried 3a with a yuuksta in one hand and a dv888 in the other. I am actually pretty good at 3a, but i don’t feel ready for unresponsive 3a play. I am looking at a pair of kicksides because of the adjustable gab, but i am looking for help. If you have any suggestions on which yoyos i should get, please help me out. I am hoping for no more than $35 for the pair. Please help.

I’ve been talking a lot to Crosswhite. We’ll see how well his advice pans out, but I expect some fun results.

Keeping it on 3A, one of my goals is 1A and 5A play, some 4A, and enough 2A and 3A to do suffiicent tricks for demonstration purposes. Right now I’m purchasing stuff like mad, some of which I won’t get to until maybe months from now. But it will be there when I am ready for it, which is my point.

Regarding 3A, you can get a pair of Shinwoo Techno2’s for $20 for the pair. Plastic, ball bearing axle, and hits your budget. You can always upgrade later, right? That’s what I ordered.

Right, I could use any 1A throw but I am a bit stuck in certain ways. When I do demos and stuff, I want certain items to be my “go to” for certain things. These will be my go-to 3A throws. Well, unless I hate them, in which case, I’ll hope my kids enjoy them and let them use them. But so far, I enjoy everything I throw a whole lot, so once I can get my left hand into throwing, I’m set!

Why can’t you do unresponsive? I can’t really think of any responsive yoyo’s that are particularly good for 3a. If it’s a matter of binding, you can just bind them one at a time instead of using the whip bind. But if you don’t feel your ready to do unresponsive 3a, perhaps it might be beneficial to stick with one a for a little longer till you get more comfortable with it.

I missed that point.

Yeah, if you’re not into unresponsive play, 3A is gonna be dangerous. Wear a helmet. And a cup. And gloves. And maybe a chestpad. 3A really needs unresponsive yoyos.

I’m no expert, I’m a noob, but I can bind and getting better every day. Not ready for 3A yet. I have a hard enough time with the later intermediate tricks! But I have goals and the throws I select for 3A will be waiting for me when I become ready.

Just in case you need some kind of a reference thing for furute 3a learning purposes.
For a lot of 3a, I would definitely go with unresponsive. just relearn a few tricks you can do right handed with your left hand. you’ll be able to bind in no time.

I am a 3a player myself and for a beginner thing to learn on I would reccomend something cheap like JKs if you want metals. You should really consider phenomizms. A tip for 3a is do not worry about scuffs or dings it will happen in 3a.