yyf VK?


i saw a yyf at ***-. and i was wondering how it plays and where can i get one.pm me for the website.but yeah,can you give me details about it.unless its a new yyf throw.


The yyf VK is a small bearing yoyo that came in two main color sets: all blue, and half yellow half green. The was also a limited edition czech(sp?) nationals version. It is/was the signature yoyo for Vashek Kroutil (hence the VK).

Last i seen, they are all out of stock…its been about a year or less since they were released or so i would assume as thats about the time i saw them. I would assume that your best bet at finding one is in a BST here or another.

Good luck in finding one as ive wanted one for a while myself.


This like said above was a small bearing yo-yo but was not said it was a small bearing California. Discontiued by Yoyofactory. The place to look would be the Buy/Sell/Trade section.


haha yeah i forgot that small tid bit o’info. thanks


Yeah, Czech Republic is spelled right.