yyf 2.0?

according o yoyoskills and yyf the 2.0 is is an all new metal that will not be sold on line only in stores. you guys have any info on this?

I don’t think that’s likely… It would be dumb of them to limit their market.

well they did say on their site only available in retail stores in the USA, Europe, and maybe russia.
But that would be a horribly dumb idea I’d say. how many people have a local highend yoyo store near them, that would stock these? that would just be severely limiting their sales. which last I checked, a company wants to broaden where they sell, not limit it.


i believe this is all hype so that way we get all fired up and when they announce that it will be released online thousands of us will be so happy we will each buy three! clever move yoyofactory, clever move.

Maybe the site was meaning more " only in us, Canada, Russia(where ever) " and didn’t exactly mean “only in retail stores”

Who knows what they really mean. Maybe they mean they will only distribute to dealers/resellers who have a physical open to the public facility rather than the “internet only” folks who don’t maintain a brick and mortar storefront.

Either way, the 2.0 aren’t attractive to me. The decoration is not something I care for.

The 2.0 IS going to be a Shop [Location] Only throw. it will be all metal and similar in shape to the Yuuksta. (This is according to the printout I read that YYF Sent the shop). They’ll probably show them off at worlds, because I believe it said they were shooting for a late August early June release.

and thats funny, they actually said that in the email, or something similar, to being only for brick and mortar storefronts.

did anyone notice that the stats are almost the same as the Dv888?
just saying.

I think this is a good idea for YoyoFactory. Quit whining if you can’t get one.

You notice how many other yoyos have stats like the DV888?
just saying.


I asked yoyofactory about the 2.0 personally over facebook, and they say that yes it will only be sold in stores, because they want to support small businesses that show people and help people yoyoing. I asked them which stores, but they didn’t respond.

Yeah, not too many brick and mortar stores around that I know of. Maybe some places like Toys R Us?

I wouldn’t count on toys r us. the most expensive you’ll find there is like $20.
I’d guess you’re only chance of getting one is via b/s/t, or if you have a local yoyo store.

We might be carrying them :slight_smile:

check us out on facebook

Galaxy Science and Hobby

What will happen is a grey market will come up. People will buy them from dealers providing good buddy deals, and after that, once they leave the store, YYF can’t control what happens to them.

All I know is that if I wanted to buy one, I’m sure I could swing a deal in the B/S/T or Ebay or through a cooperative dealer. Where I live is a “yoyo wasteland”, so my options are going to be limited.

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yoyo wasteland.
that is an AWESOME term(I’m in yoyo wasteland too).

I want to point out that within 100 miles of me, there are 8 boutique and specialty stores that sell mid and high end yoyos, 300 miles from me, there are more than 50. Up in Oregon there are a 20 stores near the YoYoUniversity team that sell yoyos. These stores rely on retail floor sales only.

Not all have huge selections but they go carry mid to high yoyos and this one is right in their window. I am not talking about Toys R Us, I am talkign about places like Learning Express and Teacher Toys and other stores that are mom and pop owned specialty stores / family owned franchises.
Not everything needs to be sold online. If you want a store near you to carry yoyos, find a small toys store and talk to them about it. That is how I got the 8 stores near me to carry yoyos, I sold them the idea. I helped them set up a club. if it is not happeneing near you then YOU need to act on it.

or you could buy them from a store with both physical and online stores. The store in chico comes to mind. :wink:

You know…back in the day…the only place you could buy a yoyo was at a store…I use to get mine at the local hobby shop…you had to actually leave your house…

i get more than half of my yoyos in physical retail stores around me

All i had to do was show them what yoyos can really do and they started selling them right away