2.0 yyf


Where is this little monster here at yye. I caught drift of the YYF 2.0 and need one.


What is this 2.0 of which you speak? I knoweth not of the 2.0


Well it’s like a yuuksta except more awesome looking. Might be on google. It’s for sure on another yoyo site but aren’t we nOt supposed to disclose any information about other sites? It’s a really clean cut looking yuuksta part of the fundametal line with pretty good looking ano jobs. I’d buy one if they were here. I bet they’d sell like hot cakes.


I think I saw these on another site and they were supposed to be sold via brick and mortar stores only. Of course, once it leaves the brick and mortar store, who knows where it ends up. I think it’s a bit foolish to limit where and how it gets sold, but hey, I’m tech, not marketing.

I recall that I didn’t personally care for the finishes based on appearances. But, I’m kind of picky in what I like and don’t like so don’t take that as a negative against it.


They sell them at the toy store by my house. They’re nice! Fast and stable. Fairly light, but not too light. I had fun playing with it.

But yeah, they were for brick and mortar stores only. Although, if an online store also had a brick and mortar store that went with it, then I think they could sell them online too.

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I ver y muched enjoy the yuuksta however i wish it was way more stable. hopefully this 2.0 is stable. Any small bearing in the process? guess its a little early to be asking.

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They have it @ a2z.


Which store would this be? I’m curious to see where these are being sold. Like, a big franchise, or a smaller business?


It’s a small locally owned toy shop. They mainly sell cheaper YYF yoyo’s like the ONE, Whip, Grind Machine, and Protostar, but also have the 2.0, G5, and 888x. The nice thing is that they have demo yoyo’s for most everything, so you can try before you buy.




I found an online store that sells these ;D