YYE x YYF 2.0

So I was given a seemingly normal yoyo not too long ago, and Ive been throwing it around alot. Way better than DV888, and I liked its feel better than the 888 with hubstacks, but the 'stacks were sweeet.

Anyway, I was thinking about it the other day and tried to find something online about this yoyo simply called “2.0” well. . . .My google fu is strong and i could find next to nothing that this thing even exists! Mine is near mint with only minor scratches around next to where the bearing sits. Looks like maybe the guy who gave it to me tried to remove the bearing with a wrong tool or something but does not affect play at all. Its in my daily rotation of throws.

So whats the deal? When was it made? whats its story? I know nothing about it, which make me wonder if I should even be playing with it? Is crazy rare? is it a worthless trinket? It plays great! I like the small-ness of it. makes my “normal” ones feel like im tossing around a beachball after throwing the 2.0.

Anyway, whats the 411?

They used to sell them here

Your yoyo was used as the official 2013 California state yoyo championships, so your yoyo is about 3 - 4 years old. I also saw an image that said “yyf 2.0 $15”, so its probably not worth much.

Hope that clears up stuff!

I remember when these came out. They aren’t very rare or desired.

If you like undersized it looks cool though.

Thanks guys! I appreciate the clarification and info. :slight_smile: Ill keep on throwing it then.

You have yourself a YoyoExpert Edition 2.0. It’s not very rare, and I paid $50 for mine. I still have a mint one in my case. It’s one of the better undersized metals in my collection. It’s nice to see that you like it too. YoyoFactory is good stuff.

https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8100/8593750092_8c7fa48b6f_z.jpg2.0 by Total Artist, on Flickr

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Interesting they made a YYE edition, from what I remember they made this specifically for brick and mortar stores, no online sales.

Indeed; I remember when it first came out. I tried one at A-two-Z when I was still a beginner. I got a Duncan Momentum instead. I still sorta regret that.

When I asked the guy who gave it to me about it, he just laughed and said I wont find anything about them. He just smiles and changed the subject.

He doesn’t know his yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:

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I did a little Googling to refresh my memory. This version of the 2.0 was made as a second engraving option, sold at the CA state championship back in 2013. YYE was a gold sponsor, so they made a YYE edition 2.0 for the contest. I bought mine online after that, when the stock was available in the store. I remember there were plenty in stock at the time. I was able to take my time buying one of these, because I collect all the YYE Editions.

It was… until Brick and Mortar stores didn’t buy any :-/