YYF 2.0


If this is in the wrong section I’m sorry just wasnt sure where to put it. Anyway I was just curious what everyones opinion was on this thing. I have one my self and I like it quite a bit so far but I also havent tried much of anything else so i dont really know how it stacks up compared to other throws. So yeah if you have one or have used one how do you like it and how do you think it compares to other similarly priced throws? I tried searching for this but not much came up.


how did you get the 2.0 cos i couldnt find it anywhere


I’m not sure how the OP got his, but I got mine from the mystery box. It’s a really good yoyo for 60 bucks. the finish they used grinds really well, and it plays sort of light. It’s nothing ground breaking if you ask me, but it’s a great inexpensive metal. better than a lot of other yyf yoyos I’ve used in the same price range.


I’ve played with one and I thought it was a nice yoyo. On the lighter side, was stable enough, moved around nicely, had a nice finish. If I had purchased a mystery box and received one of these, I would’ve been quite pleased.

But compared to other undersized yoyo’s in the same price range, I prefer the Cafe Racer. Hard to explain why, I just prefer the shape and find it more comfortable. I also like the YFactor more than the 2.0. But I like the 2.0 more than the Metropolis (thought the Metropolis was a bit too light). The 888x is a bit more expensive than the 2.0, but I preferred the 2.0 (the 2.0 is more stable and didn’t really care for the hubstacks on the 888x). DV888 is less expensive than the 2.0, but I would much rather play with the 2.0 (just a nicer yoyo all around).


I havent tried many of the yoyo’s you listed yet since im pretty new but i do have the dv888 and i agree that i like the 2.0 a bit more

I just recently started yoyo’ing and have gone to a place called Air Traffic by where i work and they had some in. They have really could prices on a lot of yoyo’s plus i get a discount for working in the same mall