SO I have a YYF 2.0 and I was wondering what it is worth

Cause I like the yoyo I just want something a bit heavier and was wondering how much I could sell it for to fund a new yoyo… any ideas?

They have it here at yye for $50. Here’s a link:

Cool, would mine be worth more because it’s Purple( i remember that’s the color everyone wanted when they came out) and less because it’s used? I have no clue on how to price these things

I could you see getting around $30 for it if it’s mint. YYFs tend to lose a lot of resale value as soon as you drive them off the lot.

Something common and used isn’t going to attract much cash but you can probably trade with someone? Chec B/S/T.

I have owned three paid between $10-$30 each all were mint.

Sometimes a yoyo is worth more as a yoyo than as cash. Just something to consider. If $20-30 is valuable to get you closer to a new, different throw, great! Otherwise, if it’s still an interesting yoyo to play, it might be “worth” more as an additional different yoyo to use from time to time.

This is correct. Some yo-yos will not generate the same cash value as trade value, for whatever reason. You might be able to evenly trade that 2.0 for something in a similar price range, that is heavier. Maybe a DiBase , or DV888 would be in that $50 range for an even trade. The value and what you could trade it for, would also depend on the condition of that 2.0.

I had to practically give away my 2.0. I think I tossed it in as a deal sweetener or gave it to someone else.
Plays decent for an undersized though. Just not to my taste.