FS YYF 2.0

I was thinking that people might want to get the YYF 2.0, but may not be able to if they’re not near a place that’s selling them. I have 2 of them. One is red, the other is kind of pinkish-purple. They are brand new, still in the original packaging.

I’m selling them for $82 each. Cost at the store by my house is $70. The extra money will cover shipping/paypal fees and a little bit extra for my time.

Payment should be through paypal. If you want to suggest a trade, feel free, but I’m mainly looking to sell.

I don’t have any feedback trading/selling yoyo’s, but I’ve been trading/selling designer board games for a while now. You can see my feedback on boardgamegeek.com (same user name, bigkat) for trade here


and for sales here


ohhh, nice! I didn’t know they were already out
have you used one yet?

No, not yet. I was hoping they would get a demo at the store, but it doesn’t look like they will.

They look really nice though. I’m very tempted to open one up.