Okay so my grandparents are going to Prague...

Alright so my grandparents are going to Prague and said the would bring me back a Yoyo of my choice. Are there any brands of yo-yos that are hard to get in the US? Because I figure it would be nice to have a “unique” Yoyo that is hard to get in the states.

as far as i know most brands are easier to get in the us… i m from germany and its really hard to get a lot of brands here in europe… you have to order most things from the US… the only brand that i could think about is Henrys, and the M1 of them is pretty good from all i´ve heard.

as far as i know the slusny shop is in prague but they just have YYF as far as i know

okay thanks thats why i was asking cause i knew the slunsy shop was there

Get an ILYY.

Yeah most company are easy to get from the States, so I would say just get a throw you’ve been wanting to get for a while.

Barely legal is a Czech company that is insanely hard to find in the states. Not sure if slusny has then but I would assume since the company is run by many that are slusny members as owners

yeah i saw those! i was thnking about getting that rainblow one but still not sure.

Well, you have Barely Legal, but they have quite small runs and I think there is not many left. Than Floutek and their Carp. OR there is few of first run Slusny Nest, design from Peter Kavka.

But I would recommend getting Turning Point Positron 2 or Basilisk light, they are not available in USA and here we have them little bit cheaper, around 150$.

If you need any help, just PM me.

Get the Slunsy Nest! I want one bad. Love my Cliff and would like to compare.

o thanks i diddnt Know that! (BTW i just saw a look at the slunsy nest it looks awesome!)

The slusny nest is oversized like the cliff so be careful but they look awesome

They might have the new steel rimmed dazzler, or the C3 sceptre which can’t be sold in the states due to patents. Not sure if they have the sturm panzer throws but I believe they fit that category as well

There’s one other company that does knockoff yoyojams and other stuff but I can’t remember their name at the moment

yeah i dont think i need knock offs but i looked at the specs compared to the chief and man there similar except the diameter is just like the cliffs not the chiefs but other than the shape there are very similar and i will probably get one of those but i will still keep my eyes open.

Is the werrd beef still available?

pretty sure it is

There’s also the mystery meat

??? What does that have to do with yogis in prague?

Beefs aren’t avalable in North America.