Throwers outside North America/Up and Coming Manufacturers

I was wondering, what do throwers outside of North America get amped about when it comes to yoyos? Do they still love the CLYW’s and G2’s or do they tend to stick with the Euro/JP brands? The main thing I’ve seen is YYF but, of course, I have a limited view.

Also, I’ve been looking around at smaller Japanese operations and can’t help but wonder if they are just like some of the up and coming manufacturers that we have in the US. I looked at yoyomonster’s stuff and watched their videos and they seem like a small outfit, maybe even run by a small group of young friends.

Is this a common occurrence? Are their new yoyo companies popping up all over in Europe/Japan? I want the scoop on some new start-ups.

How most people here in the US use CLYWS and One Drops they use YYRs and Turning Points for the most part in Japan. From what I can tell Europe uses YYFs a lot but I’m sure all over the world there is a mixture but I think they stick mainly to yoyos from the same general area.

I’ve noticed that the JP brands prevail in Japan but do they even consider US/Canadian brands? I’m wondering what the sales figures are for such areas…

I can’t speak for Europe, but I can tell about France.

We have a lot of TP/YYR/sOMEThING fans, a few CLYW lovers, even if we tend to make fun of them.
Our association proposes a beginner pack every-year, this year it has a C3 Speedaholic, and more generally we like C3 pretty much.

A lot of minor Asian brands too.

North American brands are not exceptionally represented. A few One Drop yoyos, mostly Rallies, Code 2.
I think there might be 1, maybe 2, G2 yoyos in the country.

YYF is of course well represented, as in the whole continent.

This is mostly due to the fact that European/Asian brands tend to sponsorize our national contest more easily :slight_smile:

In Czech Republic, local brand Barely Legal is probably most favorite brand. YYF is also quite popular, mainly for cheaper plastics and because Vashek is on team. Than Yoyofficer is big hit here thanks to its price/performance and nice colors. Clyw is for sure big brand here, but some models sold out superquickly, some stay in stock for long time.

C3 is hit or miss, Speedaholic and Level 6 going great, rest of metals dont sell as well.

Yoyorecreation is ignored by almost everybody, just few top players know how awesome they are, but almost noone buys them here. There are still few YYR sitting in stores for 1,5 year.

TP is slightly more popular thanks to Kentaro living here few months in year and because local shops gets yo-yos from him super fast, but still dont sell as well.

Something is completly ignored, here just The V and firmy is available, but no one buys it.

One Drop was never big here, Rally sells fine, metals dont so much. From Gsqaured there was just few Quakes, but I dont think they sell so well, so probably no order in near future.

Recently Yomega got two sponsored players here and now are in shops, but not many people are interested in loopers, their low budget metal are overun by Yoyofficer and pricier models dont interest people enough.

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Non-USA-Resident Checking in! Al-yoo-min-ee-um!

Here are my observances, purely from my limited experience in the UK yoyo scene:

In the UK Japanese models aren’t a really big thing. Granted you do see people here and there with a YYR or two, but due to the lack of availability and the price, most of the brands like YYR/sOMEThING/TP aren’t really heard of as much. Brands like Audley, Yoyojoker and other smaller asian brands aren’t really mentioned at all.

We have one main UK store providing all of us with yoyos run by a fantastic bloke named Richie, and he always orders in a very wide variety of throws. So we get access to pretty much all the common names and new releases, so there are very few throws that come out that we aren’t able to aquire.

CLYW are fairly popular and I’d probably say they’re the most popular in the UK. I was suprised at how quickly the Yetis sold out especially, and they always dissapear off the B/S boards quicker than any other brand, and usually at prices closer to retail.

Onedrop is also very popular and we get a decent amount of their models coming over to the stores, as well as on the B/S/T forum. For some reason the purple OD’s seem to sell out almost instantly… getting your hands on a purple Onedrop is like finding gold, haha. Due to the high price of CLYW I’d say that you’re probably more likely to see younger people throwing Onedrops or YYF for the most part instead.

YYF is obviously popular, as it seems to be everywhere. The models seem to sell well and a lot of people throw YYF, but they don’t seem to have the outright adoration of CLYW and OD, nor do they get snapped up as quickly or for as high prices on the B/S boards. That being said the Shutter sells fantastically well and I’m sure must be one of the best selling throws in the UK in recent memory.

Brands like G2, Monkeyfinger, General Yo, Yoyoofficer, Yoyojam, Yomega, Duncan and the like aren’t talked about all that much. We do get them, but they don’t get near the same attention as CLYW and Onedrop. General-Yo is probably the most popular of those aforementioned, perhaps because Armani is the General-Yo representative over here spreading the word, and perhaps due to the collectability of them. The prices tend to put a few people off though…

C3 seems to be fairly popular among some members, and tend to get more mention than the brands mentioned above, as well as sell faster, but they still don’t sell out like the more popular brands do, nor get the same discussion time.

So to sum up, I personally, from my observances, would say that the popularity goes thusly in the top-5:

  1. CLYW
  2. Onedrop
  3. Yoyofactory
  4. C3yoyodesign
  5. General Yo

As far as getting amped about contests, there isn’t much discussion about USA contests going on over here. Most of the excitement is reserved for UK Nationals, EYYC and Worlds. Due to the European location of worlds this year I’m especially looking forward to it to see some new names and faces crop up. :slight_smile:

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I think in Japan they like brands like One Drop and CLYW a lot but nobody uses them in contests. They (North American yoyos) sell out faster on some Japanese sights than they do on American ones!

I see on japan websites nobody hasn’t even bought the wooly marmomt 2s
how yu think I got one
clyw Sells faster n america
but one drop takes a moment


WHAT are you talking about?? At the largest Japanese retailer, a retailer which buys much more stock than say YoyoExpert, there are ZERO Wooly Marmont 2’s left. They sold out quite quickly. The second largest Japanese retailer is also out of stock in Wooly Marmont 2’s.

And as far as One Drop, at the largest Japanese retailer they sold out all the Valors almost immediately. They have a few now but it’s restock in new colors that happened TODAY, and will likely be gone within a few days. At Yoyoexpert, the largest American retailer, they STILL have early release Valors available.

And obscure brands like Monkeyfinger and General Yo, they do pretty well at Japanese sites too. None of this should be surprising.

The reason it’s sometimes easier to find these yoyos at Japanese sites is because they order a much larger amount and a wider variety, because yoyoing in Japan is way, way more popular than in North America.

;Dyu checked the sites didn’t cha lol
I was foolin yah :smiley:

Yeah I think not.

Pfhahaha :smiley:

Here in Mexico it’s all about Yoyofactory, that is mainly due to the fact that the only store that sells yoyos here has spread the idea that YYF is the best brand and all others are not worth it. People don’t even give a chance to other brands. This is also because everyone is afraid to buy their yoyos elsewhere (if you dont get your yoyos at their store you get banned from pretty much every contest) so you have to stick with what they sell, which is mainly YYF. On the other hand theres a bunch of us that love CLYW and mainly throw their tops.

Great contributions to the thread guys. What are you, 12?


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