Instead of worlds.


Unfortunately I can’t go to worlds. Told my girl friend prior to finding out worlds date that I would go with her to Wisconsin. Ugh sucks bad but can’t do anything about. On to my question : is there a yoyo scene up there of throwers that might be a little older like early to mid twenties? And are there any kind of small yoyo shops I might find some new throws can’t really find anything online. Thanks in advance.



I’d be willing to gamble though that most if any of the local meet up are going to be pretty empty due to worlds.


I know there is a yoyo shop in chicago. Only for sure the one I know of


Wow. Wisconsin instead of Florida? Bummer dude lol


Nah bro the worst part is I LIVE in Florida!! Lol. Yeah cat and mouse something or other in Chicago I think we will be stoping there.


Toys R Us has a nice selection of Duncan Imperials.

Just Kidding. But if you actually want to look, they have the New C bearing Mavericks and Yoyofactory Velocity’s if you’re interested.

But, there is Cat-N-Mouse, and a place called “Chicago Kite”.

They might be worth looking at. I wouldn’t know, I have never gone there.


Wisconsin State Contest is today…