YYF velocity w/ adjustable k pads

has anyone ever played with one?
Is there anyway I can buy the response by itself,
I don’t wanna buy ma new velocity.
And just a word, to the beginners out there;
It took me from my first completed bind, to offstring whip catches, to 1a wrist whips.
Even counterweight!

Is this a review or a “buy this cuase i sais so” thread

Well he was actually looking for anyone who has tried the Velocity V3

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no i don’t think you can buy the response by itself but i think you can make it yourself by simply taking the old adjustable response and slapping some k pads on there. since the response is slightly recessed already you’ll have no problem putting it on. i’ve only played V2 but i think V3 comes with adjustable silicon not adjustable k-pad. and yes i agree. as mention in my velocity review the velocity is probably one of the most versatile yoyos in the market.