Hey guys. This is LeftHandedYoyoer and I’m new to this forum (except I posted a question on my Replay Pro). So I have a couple questions:

My first yoyo, the YYF Velocity, had cracks all over the white adjustable part that has the response pads on it. So I put that aside, and purchased the YYF Replay Pro. I LOVE IT! It is my second yoyo and I can do the man on the flying trapeze, kamikaze mount, and sort of boing y boing with a dash of wobbling to the side (It’s won’t bounce straight).

Tragically, my Replay Pro’s yoyo bearing fell off after I think I put too much lube in the bearing and it fell out. I noticed when I was playing and I took apart the yoyo. I tried putting the response pads back in in hopes of gluing it back, BUT it WON’T FIT! Like it’s a much bigger diameter than the actually groove for it. What’s wrong with it?

So my parents said they would get me a really good metal yoyo and I searched one and did some research and went on the Benchmark 2016 H Series in the Nickel Color. Why is the nickel color more expensive?

I also order some Kitty String Fat Polyester 10 count in Light Pink (Pink seems awesome and green/blue were are sold out…darn)

I also ordered the Slim Pads for the Replay Pro. I am worried that they won’t fit because the ones that fell off were MUCH bigger than the actual groove itself. Were the pads stretched from the playing or what?

Also, I ordered fat string because people say it lasts longer, it’s smoother, and better for beginners.
Also, I am LEFT hand (hence my name) and I really want to yoyo and do those cool speed combo tricks, but they all seem to go so fast and have so many string jumping tricks. I would like to learn a small, easy, beginner speed combo that looks cool. As for now, I’ll just do a sleeper and bind my yoyo for fun. I also use the LIGHT, synthetic, non-toxic, (water density), trumpet valve oil for my lubrication.

How do I “break in” a yoyo bearing? How is it for the One Drop 2016 Benchmark H? Do I put thin lube when I FIRST get it? I want my bearings to last a LONG time.

Finally, I couldn’t find much on the new 2016 One Drop Benchmark H, V, O, or W. Anyone have any reviews, tips, and suggestions? Thanks!



This is technically my third yoyo, but my second “TRUE” yoyo.


The replay pro is all you really need to learn tricks for months maybe years to come. Getting more yoyo’s is always a cool, but less about getting a better yoyo and more about getting a different yoyo, which can be fun. Any yoyo these days will serve your purpose. Find one that looks cool to you, is in your budget, then get it.

19mm slim pads should fit in the replay pro, you probably got lube on the response pad which caused it to expand and fall out. You should only be using half a drop of lube for longevity or sound reasons. No other real reason to use lube. It doesn’t make the bearing spin faster, and honestly the longevity thing is arguable. A dry bearing will last a VERY long time. Yoyo bearings are under almost no load, they can (and in my opinion should) be run dry, meaning no lube. You should not have to lube a bearing, especially new, unless you first clean it.

Kitty fat is fine string, any polyester sting will work. Nickel is not just the color, but the coating. It is nickel plated, making it more expensive and slightly more durable than normal anodizing.

Being left handed shouldn’t make much of a difference learning tricks. Just remember to reverse everything if learning from a right handed thrower.

In terms of starting speed tricks and combos, I recommend starting with the basics, learning the tricks here on yoyoexpert, and in good time you will be banging out speed combos. But it takes time and practice.

Hope I was able to answer some of your questions. Have fun throwing!


Good beginner speed combo: skin the gerbil (or some variation of it). Start of slow and learn it perfectly, then slowly work up the speed. Shorten up the string and that will help up speed as well.

But also remember, learn the basics before it. That is crucial to being able to do more intricate tricks.

You don’t need to lube the bearing when you first get it. Bearings last a really long time. I have actually had the same bearing for probably 4-5 years, used it all the time, and it still works perfect (obviously with maintenance).

Have fun and keep asking questions! :slight_smile:


I’m left handed too.
This sight is really helpful for me on the more complicated tricks:

It will mirror the video, so everything is flipped.

I recommend no lube.  I don’t bother with it personally.
Nickle is more expensive because the process is more expensive.
Also, it’s worth noting that while the nickel looks really awesome, you can’t grind on it.
So if you are looking to grind, you’ll want something else.

Best starter speed combos are Skin the Gerbil(as previously mentioned) and Turbo Repeater.

That said, you will have to work up to both of them.  StG is easier, but it’s still worth working through the trick list here a little bit because it will help you get the basic elements down.

Also, if there is a yoyo club in your area, that could help.  It’s always eaier for me to learn from people.


This is more an additional question than comment… for a left-hander thrower does the twist of the string need to be the opposite from that of the right-handers? Does the south-paws string tension increase in the reverse direction of that from us right-handers?


Left handed people don’t have to use “left handed string” but it is twisted in the opposite direction if they do use it.


Thanks for your response WHOTH3MAN. Please bear with my ignorance but I’ve always wondered about this. After loading a yoyo with new string does a left-handers string initially become quite loose with play before ultimately twisting the opposite direction?

(sorry LeftHandedYoyoer, it is not my intention to derail your original inquiry.)


goes and grabs homemade left handed string, strings up a yoyo, and epically fails

I have no clue… if a left handed person uses right handed string, then the string loosens a lot, so I assume the point of left handed string is so that it “tightens” when a left handed person uses that left handed string.


After all these years I didn’t even know there was such an animal as “left-handed string”.

I lead such a sheltered life.


No big deal really. Are you left handed?


Not even close. My left hand is almost as dysfunctional as a gas cap on a bicycle. I have a nephew who is left-handed and he married a southpaw. So much for opposites attract. Both their kids a right-handed.

I once met Bob Dole and had to shake hands left-handed. I even found that to be awkward.


I’m a left and I’ve been using regular string. I just flick the yoyo so it spins clock wise. Thanks so much for the helpful comments everyone!

Also, I am 15 and yoyo clubs aren’t available…nor do I have the that much time to spare. I just yoyo in my free time of 15-20 minutes. VERY VERY GOOD STRESS RELEIVER. Seeing something spin and spin very fast is very entertaining.


Left Handed string is not necessary.

Since everyone is going to neutral string tension it all comes out the same in the end.

Learn to sidewinder both ways and you’re good.

For left handedness, everything is mirrored.