Help! I am a New Yoyo Player and I need some pro tips!

Hello! I purchased a YoyoFactory Replay Pro (unresponsive) and it is a first TRUE yoyo (I had the YYF Velocity which had all these cracks). And now, I ordered the yoyo, 10 Normal Kitty String (White and because it was recommended), and ordered this:

It says that it is:

Which are what the Yoyojam lubes are (synthetic/non toxic). I also know that it has the water like characteristics (water density-like). I have heard that Trumpet oil works perfectly for Thin/Unresponsive lube. I was wondering if this is true (since some Wiki.Answers say that it will melt the plastic!)

Also, how do I put the oil on the bearing? Do I need to open the bearing guards and put it in there?
Thanks and nice to meet you!

PS. I am LEFT HANDED T_T (Wish I could be normal) but will I be limited a lot with the tricks due to my left handedness?

Also, I bought the Replay Pro because it seems very nice in design (got the Yellow Rim with Purple Caps!) and someone WON with it. :slight_smile:

I also really wanted to do the Boingy Boing :slight_smile:

You probably won’t need to lube your bearing for a while, just play with it as is. When the bearing starts becoming louder and gritty, that’s when you need the lube, and trumpet valve oil will work fine, and no, it won’t harm the plastic. Also, since you’re ordering online, why didn’t ya just pick up some yoyo bearing specific oil? Such as YYF Thin Lube or OD Bearing and Taper Lube?

It was because I had a $25 giftcard and buying strings + oil was over the $25…any I needed to buy trumpet oil anyway! I got the Normal Kitty Strings (heard it was good.)

Be warned, Boingy Boing is notoriously hard to learn. Some pros can’t even do it right.

You being left handed will not effect how you play. Just reverse the hands on trick tutorials like they were in a mirror. I am pretty sure all tricks work if you are a lefty.

My son is a lefty as well, he actually thinks learning the tricks is easier since he can watch a right handed thrower’s video and mirror it. I believe the tricks he had the most challenge learning were “Experiment 626” and “Rise of the Titan” because Tylor McCallumore is also a lefty (not to mention both of those tricks are crazy).


Don’t bother oiling the bearing.
It’s not that serious.

You will probably have to sell your soul to learn boing y boing.  It’s not a real trick, it’s just fancy camera work.

Also, lefthandedness is awesome!
But, this site does help:

I’m just here to point out that the Velocity is no less ‘true yoyo’ than any yoyo out there even the ones upwards $200.

Heck, a Duncan Imperial or Butterfly are true yoyos (just fixed axle ones).