how to make ooch yo unresponsive

i have an yomega ooch yo and become quite good and want to move on to unresponsive yoyoing, i have the original bearing in the yoyo, i have tried cleaning the bearing with paint thinner then lubing with trumpet valve oil, and the bearing is more responsive then before >:( i don’t quite know what i’m doing wrong. help me!

You’re probably over-lubing or that oil is really thick. Clean it, put a drop of oil on a sewing needle and apply to 2 balls. Should be running fine.

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trumet valve oil is equivalent of thick lube. big nono! i used the stuff, gunked up the bearing. buy some made for yoyos lube. the lube ade by yoyojam, the yoyofactory, the monkey finger gorrilus lubricus (my personal favorite) and onedrop V4M lube all work. remember you only need one drop!

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It works fine for me. And it’s obvious that it’s a thin lube by the way it looks. It’s more watery.

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i had bad experience with it. i used one drop using a dropper, gunked up my bearing big time. maybe its just the type of trumpet oil i used.

Or the fact that you used a dropper. those normally drop a large drop compared to the amount you really need. A drop at the end a needle works best. I’ve used a few different brands of trumpet valve oil with absolutely no problems.

@ the OP. Clean the bearing again without at least one shield removed. This insures that you get all gunk out of the bearing. Check for hair in the bearing as well. Then blow dry with either compressed air like the kind you use for cleaning your keyboard or ic you have a compressor use that. Be careful if you have an air compressor. The pressure coming out of that will blow the bearing out of your hand or pliers if you aren’t holding it tight enough. Then take a needle, dip it into the oil. You will notice that there is hardly any on the needle. That is ok. touch a ball then spin the bearing. You will notice that the bearing should spin freely. If not check for hair or string fuzz again. Reclean and lube again. You will eventually get that bearing perfect. I have had many Dash’s and they all have become very unresponsive so it is very possible.

If everything failed, just clean the bearing and don’t lube.

Have you tried doing two bearings together it does wonders it makes any yoyo unresponsive

I had a Yomega Maveric and how I got it unresponsive was to use it like there was no tomorrow. Just wearng down the pads will do it.
Cleaning the bearing won’t hurt either :wink: